Booty has to be in the eye of the beholder ….

King Charles and Camilla’s love story: How she went from mistress to queen

Coronation day marks first time a previously divorced man takes the throne as King Charles III is officially crowned king

They say that love is blind; WELLLLLLLL.

You tell me …..

I say old girl; – what color are you wearing to tonight’s function??

The real kicker in this unusual romance; there is conversation that once Chuck has taken the throne, he is going to step back and turn the family jewels over to Carmela. WTF is in between this guy’s ears??

Whatever mystical love potion this woman possesses, she should bottle it and sell it. Maybe she had the guy hypnotized years ago, I have no idea. All I can say from where I sit, Chuck sees a hell of a lot more in that woman than I do. Can she be that good in the sack???

I agree looks are about everything; but when you can have any woman in the world you desire and you take this route, all I can say is; WELLLLLLLLLL

Meanwhile, it looks like these two fools are batting 0 striking out at home plate.

Meghan and Harry’s plan to destroy the British monarchy didn’t count on this happening

Talking about being pussy whipped, this guy wins first prize. His soul mate is awarded the crown for being one of the most devious gold diggers in history.

Every time they try to put the burn on the royal family, they are pissing up a rope, it is just coming back to hit them right in the face.

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