I have been saying all along, hold him accountable….

Texas mass murder allegedly by illegal immigrant fodder for Biden impeachment, the attorney argues

Biden is neglecting his oath of office by ‘aiding and abetting’ illegal immigration, critics argued

Go get um Leo!!!

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell called for President Biden’s impeachment and claimed there is “blood on [the administration’s] hands” after a five-time-deported illegal immigrant was arrested as a suspect in a Texas mass murder case late Tuesday.

Francisco Oropesa, the mass shooting suspect accused of killing five neighbors including an 8-year-old child in Cleveland, Texas, was taken into custody on Tuesday, 
Oropesa, 38, was taken into custody in the Cleveland area by the Border Patrol Tactical Unit. 

This guy has no remorse or conscience, who the fuck is he trying to fool with that remorseful/somber look on his face!! It is all on you BOY!!

I have been saying this ever since this traitor got into office; he should be held accountable for all of the tragedy, misery, deaths, and everything else associated with his incompetent way of governing disastrous methods of governing, and horrendous mistakes.

GOOGLE: Laws of the USA judicial system

What are the consequences for dereliction of duty?

(3) is derelict in the performance of his duties; shall be punished as a court-martial may direct. Punishment can include sanctions up to and including the death penalty (in times of war).

That we are, absolutely at war foreign and domestically, much of which has been caused by the dereliction of duty of Kamikaze Joe and his hatchetmen conspiring for a socialist state,

Really stretching it, I can almost put him up on the same plateau as Putin for all the death and destruction he’s causing, and it appears without remorse or regret.

Federal Report Shows Open Borders Bring Increased …

The Heritage Foundationhttps://www.heritage.org › immigration › commentary

Dec 17, 2021 — Those illegal aliens were charged with more than 401,000 criminal offenses, including 742 murders, 47,737 assaults, 7,524 burglaries, over 11, …

It would be hypocritical to claim that none of these offenses would have happened if Biden wasn’t in office, but I will say, the vast majority of them never would have happened.

These statistics are taken in 2021, two years ago, I just can’t imagine what the numbers are today, and all this guy is interested in doing is double-dipped ice cream cone.

I wish I had three hands.

And to think – and to think – and to think; all it would take is a flick of a pen for this CRIMINAL OF THE PEOPLE to reverse 90% of these calamities. If that is not the ultimate sign of arrogance I don’t know what it is.

Kamikaze and his #henchman have a game plan to #socialize the United States at any cost, no matter how many #$$$$$$$ it takes and how many lives they #destroy take to achieve their #sick and #twisted goals. If that is not a #cold-blooded #deliberate #crime I don’t know what it is.

And K J throws stones at Putin and XI.   He is doing the exact same thing these criminals are doing only under the camouflage/ruse of democracy. Bullshittttttt I say.

Time to dig up Judge Roy Bean.

Time to make a move Judge

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