1.50$ or 70,000.00$ a year ….

Texas massacre suspect’s longtime partner arrested after accused gunman captured

By Ed LavanderaAshley KilloughJosh Campbell and Elizabeth Wolfe, CNN

Updated 9:47 AM EDT, Wed May 3, 2023

As far as I’m concerned it is a no-brainer choosing between 1.50$ and 70,000$.

The cost of one round of ammo is approximately $1.50$ or we can go the cheaper route and use an old piece of rope that laying around to hang the son of a bitch.

I know that certain procedures have to be in place while forcing the law, but once somebody is caught dead to rights, or DNA has conclusively proved they are guilty, I wish someone would explain to me what is the sense of locking someone up for life, when if the bastard lived long enough, it may cost the taxpayer millions of dollars to house the prick?? It is a matter of economics people and swift justice.

In many circumstances, this is what caused the United States and the predicaments it’s in, the liberal mentality and their fuckin bleeding hearts feeling sorry for every degenerate criminal that commits a crime.



  1. an action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law.
    • an action or activity that, although not illegal, is considered to be evil, shameful, or wrong.”they condemned apartheid as a crime against humanity
    • “Similar: immoral acts in evil action wrongdoing

Anyone that commits a crime should expect the harshest penality and with expediency.

I saw some criminal Jack-off on the TV about a month ago that claimed he was arrested six times on the same day. The fucking joker was laughing his ass off. What do I have to worry about, they arrest me, walk me in the front door, 5 minutes later I walk out the back door. The guy thought it was hilarious, and so do I!!

This is what the morons and these progressives in liberal states believe is how you deal with criminals.

I’m going to ask the same question that doctor Phil McGraw would:


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