Hunter Biden’s twisted attempts to keep his little girl from using his name are now in a new realm

The viciousness of the Biden family toward Hunter’s daughter, 4-year-old Navy Joan borders on monstrous

Any man or woman that would deny their child the right to their last name is deplorable half of a human being.

Whoever the broad is that he knocked up should sue the shit out of him, and take him for all he’s worth. He knocked up the lady, she gave birth to his child, but yet he does not want two knowledge her.

Is there one decent bone in this bastard’s body?? That God damn put-on smirk on his face is just camouflaging his guilt.

He better start now sleeping on his back, so if he goes to the slams ………

I have a very strong suspicion that this boy will be going to the gallows, or him throwing KJ under the bus to make a deal to save his own ass.

 A scumbag is a scumbag is a scumbag. Let’s make this a doubleheader.

Can’t buy or lie their way out of this one it is all here in black and white.

We will have to search far and wide to find anybody more despicable than him and his own man, who by the way may be our next president in 2024. What a frightful thought.

What have you bastards done to my country??

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