Going down with the ship, Chivalrous but stupid …

Kamala Harris could be most consequential running mate in modern history as Republicans see weakness.

Conservative columnist Kristin Tate told Fox News Digital ‘Kamala Harris is one of the most unlikable and uninspiring public figures in modern political history. Even her mother even agrees.

The captain is going down with his first mate, admirable but fuckin stupid.

To start with Kamikaze is not the one that made the decision for him to run to not to run in 2024. It is the money people behind him. They are still hoping that he is deemed mentally incompetent, drops dead, or carried out on a stretcher, hence making, Car-mella the first female black president of the United States. I am convinced that this was the game plan from the very beginning; but they’re all son of a bitch must have a strong heart and does not want to succumb the Mother Nature

I still cannot see the attraction as to how Car-mella got the political not for the vice presidency. I can name probably 1000 women in this country that are more qualified than she.

What a fucking disaster this would be. Look at what she’s done but moreover what she hasn’t done since she’s been in office.. Giving her that extra degree of power would be suicide for the USA.

TMC was horrible, next Komikaze will be the oblivion president, if Car-mella ever gets into THE BIG CHAIR, there would be absolutely no hope of the USA surviving as it has when we had sanity in the White House. In the 8 years TMC was the top gun, he could not even try to measure up with KJ’s incompetence.

If we think Kamakazi is bad, THE TOKEN, she will make KJ look like a walk in the park. The only reason Car-mella got the nod, she is black and she is a woman, very far left, exceptionally progressive, anti American.

How fuckin simple-minded does Kamikaze have to be; number one to appoint her 2020. Keep sticking his hand in the raging fires day after day. There absolutely is a clandestine reason why KJ and his puppeteers have such Affection for Car-mella.

Maybe Kamikaze has a secret fantasies for this broad. I don’t know what it possibly be. I must admit she is halfway attractive but as far as winning the senior citizens Photogenic award for the year, she struck out long before getting to home plate. Possibly, she would have a chance of winning THE BEST TEETH.

Is there a casting couch in the Oval Office?? Nothing would surprise me after how bold under the desk Bill Clinton and John Kennedy were about their affairs.

Mr Prez; you can bet your ass I’m gonna be a big of a cock hound as you are.

Anymore it seems every which way the American public turns, we are running into a brick wall.

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