Only a F-in imbecile cut or dissolve the police forces….

Miami’s simple solution to America’s crime surge

The successive waves of crime and rioting across American cities are unacceptable

It’s a tale between two types of cities, where elected officials believe that the rule of law and public safety are the foundations of a free and prosperous society; versus another type of cities where elected officials fail to uphold the law, refuse to enforce the law, and blame those who follow the law, from police to small businesses, as the causes of crime. 

In Miami, we chose differently. We took a very different path from these other cities. We increased funding for our police, growing our police department to its largest in our history. The result: crime dropped to one of its lowest levels in Miami’s history. We deployed the most advanced technology that we could afford to equip our police and to protect our residents. 

Miami hit the nail directly on the head. If you want to have law and order you have to have an active, functional police force.

Ladies and gents this is like a fuckin civil war. We cannot be stupid like the Biden administration and cut our military/cops defenses when the heat is turned up, we have to increase them.

When I refer to them as fuckin idiots, I put Kamikaze Joe right at the head of the class. He is doing the same thing to this country as he did to his rotten two big punk son, destroying our country by eliminating accountability.

Why worry about the consequences if there are none?? The punk never had any consequences. Anything and everything that the little bastard did his old man rewarded him by buying him a new car or getting him laid by some of the local hookers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kamikaze Joe funded the punk’s drug habit.

I’ve been preaching this for years. The only thing a criminal or adversary understands and respects is someone that is more powerful/crazy and more aggressive than they are.

The guy who carries the biggest stick/club and is not afraid to use it, will ALWAYS ALWAYS come out the victor.

All these criminals are, are professional bullies. The more you let them fuck with you, the bigger of a beating you’re gonna take.

Miami is doing the right thing and should be a role model to the rest of the country. Don’t complain about getting your ass kicked if you keep going back the same thing day after day. It’s like the masochist; the more you beat the son of a bitch with a whip, the better they like it.

Gotta be proactive and go after them before they come after you. I have been preaching for years that the preemptive strike is a very beneficial tool in war, and we are in a domestic war.

So you like getting your ass kicked – keep doing what you’re doing. If you don’t like getting stomped on and getting your asses kicked, do something about it or shut the fuck up.

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