Is there anything on the up and up in KJ’s administration ???

NOTHING to mention a few.

Biden caught with crib notes detailing reporter’s question prior to calling on her during press conference

Biden was informed of journalist’s question prior to calling on her, paper reveals

It is like getting the answers for a doctorate exam test before the test is given.

There is absolutely not one condition in the Biden administration that we can see is on the up and up. This son of a bitch is more crooked than Lombard Blvd. in Hollywood

Still don’t know what’s the purpose of holding a press conference is when the answers to the questions are either ignored and not answered or they are all predetermined.

Kamikaze has surely set a standard for those two bimbos he calls spokespeople or spokespersons, or whatever they call themselves today. It changes day by day. They just made be better liars than Kamikaze is.

Buckwheat, what are you doing after work tonight sister?? It was sure good last night. Call Joey, he may go for a 3-some.

So far, keeping the score on who’s the biggest bullshitter or liar, Buckwheat is beating the bottle redhead by about 30%.

Reluctantly I must admit they are the best at what they do, Pathological liars.

Hopefully, there is such an animal as Karma so all of the lying bastards and bitches get their reward for their fleecing and destruction of America. I hope their filthy asses burn in hell.

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