These dirt-digging fools need a hobby …

Japanese video game company Nintendo announced that a character originally called “Blackie” has been renamed “Spike.”

His original name, “Blackie,” as Western audiences have noted, translates to a racial slur for Black people. Merriam-Webster noted the “usually offensive” term indicates “a person belonging to a darkly pigmented race a black person” or various birds.

Hang on a minute, if we are going to nitpick, isn’t a Spike a dangerous weapon that can be used to cause bodily harm.

I would suspect if the instigating dirt-diggers would dig deep enough they would bad mouth the Blessed Virgin for not being a virgin. How can anyone be a virgin if you conceive the child? I guess they haven’t got around to that one yet. BUTTTTT, you can bet your sweet ass they will.


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