Very Classy Character ….

Len Goodman, ‘Dancing with the Stars’ head judge, dead at 78

‘Dancing with the Stars’ head judge and dancer Goodman was battling bone cancer

The man’s finesse, class, and respectability oozed right out of him. Mixed in all of that finery he also had a dry sense of humor.

In exercising his judging obligations he took no prisoner.  He didn’t care who liked his decision or who didn’t he called the shots the way he saw them.

Only the good die young – in this day and age 78 is not that old, take my word for it. I hope he didn’t suffer too much with his bone cancer.

RIP –  Len; you made quite an impact on this earth while you were here. Not only was the man an excellent judge, he could also do a fine job of cutting the rug.

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