Just another spike in the coffin of America’s Longevity ….

Homelessness and drug addiction soared in California after safety initiative, sheriff says

If the state has a mindless simpleton, irrational leader like Newsom, what outcome should be expected??

Very sad to say even under the current circumstances this prick may get elected again.

Just like the imbecile that sits in the big chair in Washington, these fools must have the same Mama from different daddies. There was absolutely nothing they do or say that makes any sense. Newsome and Kamikaze, what a combination, both gigantic wrecking balls.

Joey; did you see the ass on the broad??

No Gav; I was looking at her tits?? Looked like a double dip of strawberry ice-cream!!

California voters were ‘lied to’ about Prop 47, sheriff says, leaving police without a way to get drug users off the streets. Is that typical in American politics or what?? Yes means no, no means maybe, and probably means never happened. There is no other way for these fucking scumbags to get in the office except lying to the public, making promises they can not come thru on and then do a complete 360 once they get elected.

If these bastards were held accountable for all of their poor decision making, We would see an entirely different ball game. Why should they worry if their Platforms play out or not. They cannot lose either way.

The Impact of Proposition 47 on Crime and Recidivism

Public Policy Institute of Californiahttps://www.ppic.org › publication › the-impact-of-pr…

Undertaken in the wake of public safety realignment in 2011, Proposition 47 reduced the penalties for certain lower-level drug and property offenses and …

Instead of making penalties more severe for these crimes, the brain-dead politicians who approved the laws are opening the door for much more violent and reoccurring crimes.

If they had any balls, backbone or decency, they would stand up, take the blame for the laws inadequacies, their poor judgment, and reverse the harmful conditions that are bringing the USA down as low as some of the 3rd world countries.

There is a very larger group of anti-American motherfuckers out there that are bound and determined to take down the United States. Kamikaze Joe and Galvanized Newsome are among the leaders of the parade. They are laughing at all the fools that support their lunacy, knowing in the end, they are the only ones that will profit in this enormous political Ponzi scheme.

Really only vultures on the top branches are the ones that come on top. Their followers, the fools on the lower branches that bought into their insanity, all they wind up with is getting shit on.

For all their mentally disturbed supporters on the bottom branches, keep sitting there and getting shit on, your leaders are laughing all the way to the bank.

You must not any have objections to the way you’re being abused, you keep going back for more day after day.

There is a gigantic factor that the blind sheep (followers of the socialist/progressive movement) in California and the rest of the country do not want to realize. The promoters of this progressive and socialist lifestyle do not want these people to get off of drugs and sober up, they want them to stay in a stupor so they can be LED around like blind fucking sheep. All these bastards want this the control and  power that = $$$$$

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