Donny Lemonaide finally got the boot …

Don Lemon and CNN part ways

In my opinion the guy was nothing but an instigating troublemaker, running off his mouth and hiding behind the fact that he is gay and black. Anybody else that that would have pulled the shirt he has through the years would have been tossed out a long time ago. I always said, he must have caught some of CNN’s executives on their knees in the men’s room to stand by and defend a guy like him so long. It is shameful of the news outlet.

One of his most significant blunders he made, making himself to look like an enormous hypocrite, was when he said; white men were the biggest threat to The United States. All the while being married to a white guy ever made. if that is not hypocritical, nothing is. What a low-life piece of trash.

Washington Post › 2018/10/31 › cnn-…

Nov 1, 2018 — During a recent segment about a supermarket shooting in Kentucky, CNN host Don Lemon said that “the biggest terror threat in this country is …

I still say, it AIN’T natural!!

I say good riddance to bad garbage and I hope to hell every other news outlet blackball this low-grade bum (excuse the pun on words) or maybe not.

I wonder if he’s going to have his unemployment check mailed to him or will he go pick it up?? Or should we call it a reparation handout?? GMAFB

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