Just an example of how stupid some fools are …

CNN anchor John King noted President Biden’s key challenges, and asked whether the American public truly plans to reelect him in 2024.

“Look at this number. Nearly three quarters of Americans say the country is going in the wrong direction. Joe Biden is asking for four more years,” he said. “When 74 percent of Americans think the country is heading the wrong way it’s hard for the boss to say ‘give me four more years.’ This is a giant challenge for the president.”

Folks, this reporter is from CNN one of Kamikaze Joe’s strongholds, is that telling us anything??

The only thing I can hope for; these numbers remain the same and come out in the wash in 2024. It was always been amazing to me just how stupid/gullible KJ’s supporters are when they keep sticking their hands in a raging furnace and burning the shit out of it.

How many times has this guy got a fuck up before the voting population recognizes his inabilities?? The guy is a out of control, runaway train killing people in situations at every stop.

With the border and some of his blunders of his retreat in Afghanistan, the guy is personally responsible for thousands of deaths and I think he should be held accountable for them.

Just the servicemen not counting civilians,

How many Americans died in the Afghanistan evacuation?

Tragic Deaths of U.S. Service Members in Afghanistan Won’t Stop Evacuation Mission. A dozen American service members were killed, 15 more were injured and a number of Afghan civilians were also killed or injured during attacks this morning in Afghanistan.Aug 26, 2021

The very first thing that I would like to see; this bastard either does not run for president or runs and gets the shit kicked out of him. #2 to see him and that crooked fucking son of his, and the rest of the family that’s involved in criminal activities, get their thieving asses thrown in jail.

Based on his political history and his well-known thievery, I don’t know how anyone else could come to a different conclusion.

It is one thing if everybody in the neighborhood hates you, but when your mother (CNN) and some of your other staunchest supporters turn their back on you, you got a big problem.

Let us hope that all of these gullible fools out there see passed all of his bullshit and promises that he is making to conjure up votes, which can never get them off the ground. He’s gotta go down in history as one of the biggest fucking liars ever born.

It really disturbed me that I have to be as bold and straightforward as I am badrapping the president of the United States. I respect the office 1000%, but Kamikaze Joe not even 1%. He is a stone fucking bum, a term he may be used to based on where he was born.

This prick is on a mission to destroy the United States. Looking at everything that has transpired since he’s been in office, anyone that has a different opinion than that is a fucking blooming maniac.

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