China, Russia, North Korea, Iraq may be the least of our worries …

Footage of UFOs over conflict zones seen for first time: ‘This is devastating’

UFOs in conflict zones create a potential for unintended crossfire, because combatants don’t know whose assets they are, investigative journalist Jeremy Corbell told Fox News Digital

The Pentagon released a video of a UFO flying over an active conflict zone in the Middle East in 2022, and its mere existence creates “the probability of unintended crossfire,” according to an expert.

The short clip of a metallic-looking orb flying at a fast pace was shown during Wednesday’s hearing before the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities.

 China, Russia, North Korea Iran, they may be the least of our worries as far as adversaries go.

Ever since I was kicking shit out of diapers, I have maintained my belief in extraterrestrials. They are probably just sitting back in outer space, in their tricked out space capsules, laughing their ass off (that if they have an ass) watching mankind on earth making fools of themselves, destroying the planet, They may just may waltz in before Charlie Chan does.

If I had my preference. personally, I’m much rather get zapped and vaporized by an outer spaceman’s ray gun than be invaded and decimated by Charlie Chan or that fuckin Russian lunatic.

For all the naysayers that do not believe in extraterrestrials, I like to make reference to the significance of the Earth compared to outer space. It is said that in comparison to the rest of the universe, the size of the earth is like 1 grain of sand on all the beaches in the world. Now folks at AIN’T shit.

If there is a supreme being or whom-ever put this mess together, why would it be the only planet in the universe to inhabit any kind of intelligent being or life?? Here we go again with my common sense rule, the answer is common sense.

Even one of the most renowned scientists that ever lived Stephen Hawking truly believes that there are extraterrestrials. His take on it is, they are out there but you don’t want them to invade the earth because they will destroy it. I believe the guy.

In my opinion, all of the fire-power that all of the nations in the world possess will be no match for the outer space dudes with their superior weaponry. If and when the invasion ever takes place, folks we all are fucked.

Talk about not discriminating, they don’t give a shit what race we are, what color we are, what nationality, how many gold bars you have hidden under your bed, and who our daddy is, they are not going to take no prisoners, we are all their enemy.

Let us see what BLM black lives matter and the other wack job organizations out there believe, if that would be some kind of discrimination. GMAFB!!!

It would be the first time since mankind rose from the ashes, that we will be all equals, fighting the same battle, and having to band together with one common goal, survival. FA-GET-A-BOUT-IT

There are only three reasons why anyone does not want to believe in outer space Dudes, ignorance, arrogance, and stupidity.

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