YGBSM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To start with, this mess is not that bad. I have seen situations 10 times that bad in a movie theater. Clean-up like this should be included in the price of the ticket.

If that were me, I wonder if the attendant knew what the meaning of go fuck yourself means??? There is no way anyone should demand that another human being should be subjected to getting on their hands and knees to pick up a few pieces of popcorn. This is what the clean-up crew gets paid for.

I do agree under certain circumstances very permissive parents let their brats run out of control. But to TELL someone to get on their hands and knees to clean up a mess is totally humiliating. I would absolutely refuse.

Depending on the circumstances, if the mess was that bad, like I have witnessed in some restaurants, and the parents refused to cooperate, I would think the airline/eatery could ban them from using their service.

But a few pieces of popcorn is ridiculous. She is just a little girl.

Get down and give me OKAY 50 fool!!!

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