So you think the punk won’t throw his guy under the bus; think again …


So you think it’s not a distinct possibility.

IRS whistleblower says Hunter Biden investigation is being mishandled as heat turns up on president’s son

I said this quite some time ago; when the heat gets turned up by the FBI, CIA or whoever else is going to investigate this case, if it ever comes to trial, it would not surprise me at all if this miserly little bastard will throw his own father (HIS GUY) under the bus to save his greasy ass.

This just goes to show you what a despicable back-biting turncoat THE BRAT is.

The thought of Hunter Biden, he himself spending time in jail or the BIG HOUSE is very remote if not impossible. But if he ever did, and get his comeuppance, this lad is going to have a true awakening to how miserable the other 95% live.

Would I put it past him to roll over on his own father, throw him under a semi-truck to save his miserable ass??? Hell no.


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