Ever hear of the den of thieves????

Six additional Biden family members ‘may have benefited’ from Hunter business dealings

House Republicans viewed ‘suspicious activity reports’ at Treasury related to Biden family business dealings

The Biden family are bigger crooks than Jesse James and his crew.

The question is, just how long is this son of a bitch and the rest of his family been getting away with bloody murder?? I see probably 50-60 years or more.

I would absolutely love to look at Kamikaze Joe’s financial records. The real ones, not the ones he has for show and tell. I will guarantee you one thing there are a hell of a lot of BBBBBBBBBBBBBB’s in his accounts.

The bastard has been stealing for years and certainly taught that bum son of his, every trick in the book from his old man.

They admitted themselves. Talk about arrogance and stupidity, they are the poster children.

I hope by divine intervention the whole family gets their neck secured in the guillotine. That would be too good for them.

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