Why isn’t her thieving ass in jail?????

Cori Bush’s campaign paid thousands to her husband for personal security services in recent months

Bush added her now husband to her campaign payroll well after they were a couple

We are constantly talking about the charlatans, who are in positions of power that have access to large amounts of money from their organizations, who are dipping into the till and using the money for their personal bank account. The thieving bastards have no shame and no fear of being prosecuted.

To put the icing on the cake, this thieving bitch, who put her signature on defending the cops, yet has the female balls to spend campaign money for police protection for an old man. GMAFB.

Will she beat the rap, probably because she’s a black female politician.

She is just another 2 bit screaming, finger-pointing bitch that uses her sex and her race card as a crutch to fleece the public.  

Why you asked that she and other scum-bag-thieves like her continue to pull off their little financial shenanigans?? Look around, everyone else that has walked down the same path she has, seemed to get away with it. The candy as prosecutors are afraid to go after them for fear of being labeled a racist. Theft has nothing to do with being a racist; she and others like her are just goddamn thieves.

Will the authorities make an example of her?? Hell no, that is just another sector in pathetic government that is bleeding the public by not doing their job. Getting worse by the day.

What is the old cliche about a chain is only as strong as its weakest link?? What if 95% of all the links in the chain are extremely weak?? I believe that is the condition of politics in the United States

They have always said; prostitution was the oldest occupation. My take on it, a politician was her pimp, so he came first!!

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