Keep serving that 9.65 $$ a glass beer ….

Brawl ensues at White Sox game, security hardly anywhere to be found

The incident occurred as the White Sox and Orioles were in a tight game

Do you think any of the owners of any sports team gives a shit about the safety of their patrons???

Hell no all they are concerned with is turning over a big buck. Fuck the public safety, keep those dead presidents rolling in.

How much does a beer cost at a game?

As the 2022 football season kicked off earlier this month, sports betting platform compiled a list of costs by stadium location. The website gathered beer prices from every NFL stadium, converting them to a 16-ounce size for the sake of consistency, and found the NFL average to be $9.56 per pint.

9.65$$ a glass. ATSM!!!!!

How many times have innocent spectators been hurt because of the assholes that cannot hold their fire water??

Just like anything else folks, it’s all about the money

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