Who is picking up the PUNKS tab???

I don’t think it should be the responsibility of the American taxpayer to pick up this BUMS tab when he is traveling with HIS GUY.

This father-and-son set of parasitical thieves has been living off the fat of the land and stealing from the government for decades.

I may be nit-picking when I say the kid should pay his own way or stay home; but this is just another thorn in my side that bugs the shit out of me. It is called entitlement.

I’m sure if I dug deep enough into the rules and regulations books I would find that nobody who is not transacting business for our government should not have a free ride on Force #1 and suck up all the other bennies that go with it.

I am just as sure that in fine print says, if they are an invited guest of the president, that is the clincher.

The country is not going to be any worse off because of financially because the bomb hitching a ride on the Force One, to me it’s just a matter of principles, one thing that is not in vogue these days.

Quite possibly the Irish underworld has a sale on cocaine this month and the BUM wants to get in on the discounted prices. I’m sure nobody checks his luggage when he gets on and off Air Force One.

Gotta wonder if the government paid for his new ivories???

What a piece of trash.

Must be nice to have a daddy that does everything but wipe his ass for him, on the other hand maybe Kamikaze does that as well.

I am leaning toward dubbing Kamikaze Joe one of the worst, most permissive, ignorant, idiotic parents the world has ever seen. The son of a bitch is too stupid to see the harm and damage he has inflicted on the BUM.

If this does not top it all, nothing does …….

Joe Biden is fine with married youngest son Hunter’s …

New York Daily Newshttps://www.nydailynews.com › news › politics › biden-…

Mar 2, 2017 — Biden has given his blessing to a romantic relationship between his married youngest son and the the widow of his eldest son.

I would still like to know, did the kids call the BUM daddy or uncle???

When we thought we heard it all Kamakazi surprises us again.

If the prez wonders why the BUM is a bum, tell K J to look in the mirror.

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