So you want to be a bleeding heart and close a blind eye?

San Francisco Whole Foods closing just one year after opening as crime skyrockets

This is the payback for being a progressive socialist imbecile.

Your cousins sends you their best

I have said this so many times; this goes for the majority of homeless people, if you gave them a job they would refuse it.  

Why do some people want to be homeless?

So for those that do choose to become homeless, freedom from work, bills, home maintenance, and neighbors are all reasons that factor into that decision. More time to work towards goals, and a way to save money, live in nature, and get away from family are all other reasons as well.

That was the Google definition. In my opinion for the majority of them, not all, they are nothing but a bunch of irresponsible fuckin parasitical leeches that wanna live off the fat of the land and off of someone else’s sweat.

To put it in a little more logical dialogue, the vast majority of them are lazy bums, with no ambition that want to live off the fat of the land without any responsibility. In the meantime, they are making it absolutely miserable by destroying the neighborhoods where the average responsible working man lives.

Can we put the entire blame on the homeless people?? Not really, I blame these cities, states that allow this type of irresponsibility and the federal government for making it so easy for them to survive this way

Years ago there used to be a few people that rode the rails for the adventure of it and to separate themselves from society.  Now because of excessive drug use and the irresponsibility of the government to keep homelessness to a reasonable level, this condition has escalated into and unmanageable situation that is causing havoc around country.  What Used to be beautiful cities like Seattle, Oregon, San Francisco have been reduced to looking like city garbage dumps.

This is after they did their Saturday afternoon clean-up.

This is just another facet in the destruction/downfall of the United States. Just another nail in the coffin.

Talk about letting things get out of control.

The California Homeless Housing Needs Assessment has found that it would cost the state of California an average of $8.1 billion a year each year for 12 years to put an end to homelessness at the current level of need. This is a calculation made without factoring in any assistance from the federal government.

I have recommended this many times, but needless to say, anything that involves common sense some initiative and hard work the government wants nothing to do with it.

On May 6, 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs an executive order creating the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The WPA was just one of many Great Depression relief programs created under the auspices of the Emergency Relief Appropriations Act, which Roosevelt had signed the month before.

Roosevelt put the entire nation to work by creating the WPA. He was from an era of men that were not concerned about their popularity but about doing what was right for the country. The fucking stumblebums we have in office today couldn’t shine the old man’s shoes

It is much easier for these pathetic politicians we have to house these people and hotels and motels costing billions of dollars, than to organize work parties and have these homeless people work for their monthly compensations. You don’t wanna work, you don’t get paid.

But that takes balls and determination to initiate a program like this. Because of their lack of backbone, politicians do not like to make unpopular decisions.

A good father makes decisions for his family that are going to benefit them whether they are popular decisions or not. The metaphorical fathers of our country are parasitical cowards afraid to make unpopular decisions because they feel it will hurt them in the voting polls.

These homeless conditions and tent cities should have never been allowed develop in the first place.

Getting our cities and states back to the reasonable condition that they once were may be an impossibility.

When push comes to shove I put a great deal of the blame and responsibility for these domestic conditions on Kamikaze Joe’s shoulders and the fools with the same mental deficiency he suffers from.

They want the discourse, they want chaos, they want to control the population. They continued to feed the proverbial beast and keep it well nourished so their popularity does not dwindle. They are a bunch of spineless. M-fin cowards who are only in it for their personal gratification. Thar description is not even low enough to label them with.

The one thing that they do the best is bullshitting the public. It is astounding to me that some people are so fucking gullible that they believe they’re bullshit.

Still wanna buy some of my prime swampland in the Okefenokee swamps?? I have about 30,000 acres for sale at rock-bottom prices. hurry while they last.

Big hello to John and Rosie

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