Throw them the fuck out ……

Chinese tech companies are exploiting US green energy goals, former State Department officials warn

‘Subnational incursions are afoot. China is on the hunt,’ former US ambassador tells Fox News Digital

Together, Hoekstra and Cella have specifically called attention to two EV battery plant projects proposed for Michigan. The first, slated for Big Rapids, Michigan, involves the Hefei, China-based Gotion High-Tech while the second, proposed for Marshall, Michigan, involves the Ningde, China-based Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL).

It will not be too far down the road where China is the complete owner of the USA – they are halfway now.

There should be an absolute law that no foreign powers should be able to build or have any ownership in companies on American soil. I know what the experts will say; that is not constitutional. You know what I say to those experts, fuck them and the constitutional. Dire situations required dire actions. We are far past dire. Like anything else in this corrupted world, it’s all about money. The only thing that I can hope for these greedy bastards, they are the richest people in the graveyard.

Whatever the United States many of the capitalists have been doing for the last couple of decades certainly is not for the benefit of the country.

When times are good and there is no threat to the security and stability of the United States, there probably wasn’t anything wrong with allowing foreign investors to set up shop in the USA. Now that the worm has turned and foreign investors are using our generosity against us, that is where the problem lies.

The only answer for the countries/governments that fall into these existing and future categories, either present or future investors, throw them the fuck out.

Let me ask a dumb question, as you know I love dumb questions.

Can anyone tell me what Charlie Chan would do if there was a government/organization in his country that threatened their security and stability?? I know, he would throw them the fuck out, no questions asked.

You can’t have it both ways folks; either you are going to stay alive and healthy by not allowing foreign investors or any others entity to do or own businesses in the USA, or you are going to be a victim of the people who you are aiding and abetting.

One of the more pressing issues that exist in the United States, we have not had a major war on our own turf. Our citizens have become complacent, and because of the incompetence of our leaders do not believe war on our home turf cannot happen to us. Think again folks.

Draft up the laws or whatever it takes, put them on the books, punishable by severe penalties in prison for offenders. As of July 1st 23, all of the aforementioned conditions will become part of the US Constitution. I am not an attorney or a politician that would know the finer definitions or interpretations of my recommendations. all I know is absolutely sure that we cannot have it both ways. Allowing foreign governments to have control of any type of industry in the United States should be strictly forbidden.

Will that hurt our economy, will that throw a monkey wrench into many of our business dealings?? Absolutely!! As far as I’m concerned, it would be better off being inconvenienced and have my life a little more complex, than to have no life at all.

Let me drop a note on the people that have their heads stuck in the sand and do not want to face the realities at hand, Charlie Chan and that fucking Russian maniac are not playing games. they are for real. Do I have a time frame on how, when, and where?? Absolutely not, BUTTTT I will tell you one, it is right around the corner.

Don’t you think that these people have the United States under their super microscope just waiting for the right time to attack when we are at our weak point? Folks this country has never been weaker in its history because of the incompetent leadership of Kamikaze Joe.

Shut the doors and keep them the fuck out!!! Take KJ and his crew with them.

The USA has more natural resources than any other country in the world. We have to learn how to be more self-sufficient. Foreign investing, in the long run, can KILL us, it is happening already.

It would surprise me in the least if KJ and his family already have residency set up in Ching Chong China, so when the shit hits the fan they can get their hat.

Don’t you think that these people have the United States under their super microscope just waiting for the time to attack when we are at our weak point? Folks this country has never been weaker in its history because of the incompetent leadership, and stumble-bum mentality of Kamikaze Joe.

I would not believe the brain-dead son of a bitch if he told me his name was Joe Biden. And trust him?? That is an entirely different issue, possibly more unacceptable than being the worthless play-acting leader he claims to be.

Better take Chuck and company seriously.

As I said way back when they did not build the biggest aircraft carrier in the world by accident or show and tell.

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