Frightening is not the word for this ……

How much of the United States does China really own?

China has slowly been buying big in America, dominating the global supply chain in an array of industries

this article goes back almost two years, it was frightening then but more frightening now.

the greed of American investors, business owners land owners, People with too much money at their disposal have created this situation by selling off their goods to Chinese investors and other foreign powers that are adversaries of the United States.

Why would I want to sell or give a person that is out to kill me more ammunition than they already have?? A prime example of that was TMC, Kamikaze Joe’s boss for a number of years. He and his commie/devious henchman literally paid or gave Iran the finances to wage war and build nuclear weapons to use against the United States.

Can anyone in this world make sense of a maneuver like that?? It is absolute insanity and way passed the reasonability of common sense. These fucking guys are paying/financing our enemies to kill us. If that is not total insanity, you tell me what is. If that does not fall into the category of treasonous, you tell me what is.

This conspiracy and other anti-American activity from within has been going on for decades unopposed because there are too many Thieves with their hands in the cookie jar. Their mission is to make a big buck while destroying the United States. From what I can see, they are doing an excellent job of it.

Just one point of interest in this article tells a big tale.

This is just one sector of American industries but the Chinese have taken extremely large chunks of it.  People, looking at these figures realistically, I would say it’s not too far down the road that China and other foreign investors are going to own the entire United States. In all reality, they probably do now.

Chinese firms have bought AMC Entertainment, Legendary Entertainment, and other media companies. Control of 8,000-plus of American theater screens and other media platforms allows China to project “soft power” and block unflattering depictions of the Chinese government from being presented, both in terms of creative production and mass distribution.

These include: AMC Entertainment (entertainment), Cirrus Wind Energy (energy), Complete Genomics (health care), First International Oil (energy), G.E. Appliances (technology), IBM—P.C. division (technology), Legendary Entertainment Group (entertainment), Motorola Mobility (technology), Nexteer Automotive (automotive), Riot Games (entertainment), Smithfield Foods (food), Teledyne Continental Motors and Mattituck Services (aerospace), Terex Corp. (machinery), Triple H Coal (mining), Zonare Medical Systems (health care).

This is not an overnight occurrence, this very crafty conniving, unscrupulous, backstabbing government has been an admission for many years developing their game plan. By the looks of it, I would say that they definitely have themselves while entrenched in the United States economy. Sad to say there’s no turning back now.

Part of this article was written two years ago, can we even begin to imagine what kind of foothold they have now

It should have been the responsibility of the leaders of this country to set guidelines as to who were able to invest in American companies. That is just another enormous example of the incompetence or collusion of our political leaders.

We would absolutely be astounded, or maybe not, to see how many envelopes have changed hands through the years getting us to this dire situation we’re in. Many of our own political figures are as corrupt as the people who try to take down our country.

USA and China politicians exchanging top secret envelopes …

Depositphotos › stock-video-usa-and-china-p…

You can use this royalty-free video “USA and China politicians exchanging top secret envelopes, flags background” for personal and commercial purposes according …

You think I’m talking out of my ass; take a good look at what Kamikaze Joe and his family have been involved in through the years that is absolutely illegal and would be considered treasonous offenses.

If we cannot trust the president of the United States, who should we be able to trust. The bastard is like the unholy pig who was supposed to console a lady that went to him with a marital problem and wound up in the counselor’s bed that very evening. Who can we trust??

Keep those chopsticks handy folks you’re sure gonna need them.

Bulleted to this fact so many times before; once you give something up you’ll never get it back.

From where I sit, Charlie Chan is not concealing his intentions of taking over the United States, he has come right out on Front Street and made his threats public.  What if anything is our politicians gonna do to protect us when the ship hits the fan?? My guess would be the same thing they always do, niende.

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