Modesty is not one of Stormy’s strong suits ….

By looking at this picture I have to guess that Piers had to have a difficult time concentrating on what the interview was all about.

Looks like to me he’s doing his best not to stare down at those store-bought Hooters that she is so proudly displaying.

You can take the mattress out of the lady but you can’t take the lady out of the mattress.

I have to give her a lot of credit for not wanting to put a noose around Donald Trump’s neck. If we put every politician in jail or on trial for every time they tiptoed through the tulips, the halls of Congress would look like Hiroshima after the bomb was dropped.

I can tell you one thing ladies and gents without reservations if lying was an arrestable offense and grounds for breaking the law, our DIS-lustrious president Kamikaze Joe Biden would be in prison for about 1010 years. There hasn’t been a truthful word come out of his mouth since the day the bum was born.

What is Donald Trump’s actual crime?? He is not a crooked politician, he is a very rich guy (or at least used to be) who is a solid patron of the United States and wanted to drain the swamp of all the crooked crocodiles.

He cannot be bamboozled, he cannot be manipulated, he will not kowtow down to anyone who is trying to destroy the United States, at home or abroad. In layman’s terms, he is not a fuckin ass kisser.

Does he have his faults?? which one of us doesn’t. The real issue should be, what he accomplished while he was president rather than what he did in his private life.

You wanna talk about whore masters, slippery Bill Clinton used to have the Highway Patrol in Arkansas where he was governor, to transport hookers to his Governor’s mansion. You don’t even want to talk about slick Willie and the starry-eyed intern that used to take DICK-TATION from under his desk in the Oval Office while he was on the phone conducting business. I don’t care how you wanna slice that, the guy is an absolute scumbag, always was always will be.

Incredibly to me, to this day this bum has a gigantic following of admirers. What if one of them young starry eyed little broad were one of your kids?? Would you still think that the sun rose and set on Bill Clinton’s despicable ass?

Talk about lying.

I won’t even get into the Kennedy history or Lyndon Johnson and the rest of them because they are right up there with the worst of them. How many bastards in politics who are trying to put the noose around Donald Trump’s neck make him look like the Apprentice???

US Presidents Who Have Had Sex Scandals

Business Insider › Politics › Life

Apr 9, 2018

Thomas Jefferson – Andrew Jackson – William Henry Harrison – John Tyler – James Garfield – Grover Cleveland – Warren Harding – Franklin D. Roosevelt – Dwight D. Eisenhower – John F. Kennedy – Lyndon B. Johnson – George H.W. Bush and probably a few more we don’t know about.

People, people, people if you don’t know tiptoeing through the tulips is a universal thing, lying about it is even more prevalent.

In most cases, if it is no capital crime commited, a person should be judged by their performance as a human being not by their weaknesses. I would much rather be in a foxhole with any of the above mentioned than what the slime bag, coward, lying hypocrite Kamikaze Joe Biden. He has to be one of the most despicable people on this earth going all the way to when civilization began. He does not have one redeeming quality in his whole body. Take a good look at the presidents that I listed, when they were in power, no one shit on and manipulated the United States as we see today.

Ladies and gents, if you don’t know by now you must be living under a boulder. This is all about control, power, money and, the fact that Socio-democrats-progressive, Commie MOTHERS are not able to control Donald Trump. Cut and fuckin dry.

The witch hunters are well aware of the fact that the reason Donald Trump ran for president is because they are the alligators in the swamp he wants to drain. Sad to say these bastards have so much power, influence, and money so far they seem to be getting the upper hand.

Don’t eat too many Easter eggs, they will plug you up for weeks.

Just goes to prove the gullibility of the American people, these are the same folks that think rabbits lay eggs. GMAFB!!!!

That egg really hurt.

I am willing to bet that if a survey was taken at least 75 to 80% of the people in the United States do not know why Easter is celebrated. The merchants that benefit from it, are the only ones that do not believe in it.

Like everything else in this world folks, it’s all about the dollar.

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