Nothing like getting caught with your pants below your knees.

China expert predicts where US will ‘see the next war start’

US defense moving ‘molasses slow’ in preparation for a possible war with China, Gordon Chang says

China is reportedly making “fast preparations for war” against the U.S., Gatestone Institute senior fellow Gordon Chang warned on “Mornings with Maria” Monday, April 3, 2023. (Fox News)

Don’t let this seemingly gentle-looking old man pull the wool over your eyes. He is vicious and a bigger demon as anyone can possibly be. Anyone that would purposely/willfully condone/ordered the development of a virus (COVID) that could have been the end of civilization out half of the world, including his own people, and not blink an eye, that is one heartless, soulless son of a bitch. Never underestimate what he may do at the drop of a hat.

The best part, he announces his intentions of an invasion war, and the USA under Komakazi is playing tiddlywinks with manhole covers.

While Charlie Chan is dead serious about destroying/overtaking the United States, building up his arsenal like never before in history, fucking numb nuts Kamikaze Joe is doing just what his name implies, he is diving us right into a suicide mission.

I shoulda got a triple dip for this mission.

This may be a tough complicated analogy but it is an analogy nevertheless. Joe Biden, is a piece of the reprobate, jacking-off in the corner, not taking Charlie and Putin seriously, Because the whole world and his entire political career has been a fuckin joke.

You take my word for it, if his methodology and strategies not change soon, and I do not expect them to, he is going to cause the demise of the United States. there are only a few reasons why this man is so lethargic (I hate to call him a man) his number one his arrogance, number two is stupidity, #3 is absolute stratospherically ego, and possibly something I will not rule out it’s his collusion with the enemy.

No one of authority in their right mind would sit by idly, with his thumb in his ass, observing his arch enemy prepare for battle by increasing his firepower and manpower, and take it so casually.

And one of the many possibilities is that aside from his ignorance, he may be playing ball with the other side, just like his punk ass kid did. anybody that would do the irrational things that Kamikaze has done has to be a fucking traitor.

Making matters even worse, there is no one or any organization that is making attempt to rain this guy in.

Eric Holder said it all; he may have not intended to be interpreted that way, but what he said really fits the American public.

CNN.com › POLITICS › holder.race.relati…

Holder: U.S. a ‘nation of cowards’ on race discussions

Feb 18, 2009 — In a blunt assessment of race relations in the United States, Attorney General Eric Holder Wednesday called the American people “essentially …

We have had it too good for too long and become ultra-complacent believing falsely that there will never be an invasion of the United States. Fools you better think again, Charlie and his sidekick Putin licking their chops just bidding their time for the right moment.

The most ironic thing about this whole situation, our enemies have put it on Front Street; announced their intentions and all this fucking imbecile we have for president is doing is licking his ice cream cone while he’s sitting in his Corvette. Joe Biden’s entire life has been one joke after the other. the one he should really be taking seriously, he is absolutely looking the other way.

I said it so many times before lads and lasses, better get used to using chopsticks.

You better believe Chuck ain’t fuckin around!!!!

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