When are our supposed protectors going to quit pussyfooting around with these people???

Drug deal turns deadly after wild shootout unfolds in Trader Joe’s parking lot, 3 people hurt

The authorities know who they are, where they are, and that they are conspiring to commit crimes or to take over the government. Yet they sit back with their thumb on their ass waiting for the shit hits the fan before they make a move. The fact that criminals are conspiring, not necessarily committing the crimes, that in-it-self is a breach of the law in itself and punishable by prison time.

But when we have a conglomeration of fools in office that did not believe in punishment for a crime, in the name of everything holy how, how can the good cops be proactive and make a move to extinguish the crime before it happens?? This is certainly one fucked up society we live in.

They tell you to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities. That’s a lot of bullshit.

Preemptive strikes pulled off clandestinely always come out as the winner. I am absolutely positive, there are many people in very high political office that do not want justice to be served. They have an agenda of overtaking this country with socialism and all of this horse-shit fits right into their game plan.

Even bigger guys were afraid of me because they thought I was fucking nuts. if any born would try to harass me it wouldn’t matter what I had in my hands or what was close to me to grandma too whether it was a stick of baseball batter or knife I would do what I had to do to defend myself.

If Kamikaze Joe could explain to me his justification for fucking up this country the way he has and make it believable, I will kiss his ass on the Ed Sullivan show. The guy is an absolute lunatic that is totally out of control.

I still cannot believe that there are not provisions in our constitution to remove and replace anyone that is deliberately trying to take our government down. In my estimation, freedoms that are abused should have a recourse to prevent them.

What is the answer to this clown? By the time 2024 rolls around there’s not gonna be anything left to salvage. What is the answer to this bum’s dysfunctionality? The fool is a human wrecking ball.

It gives me a sense of joy to see that many of these cities and states that foster lawlessness, their Anti-American tactics are coming back in their face big time. My one hope would be that the supporters of this lawless insanity would be the primary victims of these criminals, so they can have a taste of their stupidity. Can’t have it both ways ladies and gents.

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