The Sissy siding judge, his dishonor must be drinking too much of that Tennesse moon …..

Tennessee ban on drag shows in front of children temporarily blocked by judge

The judge sided with Friends of George’s, the Memphis-based LGBTQ+ theater group that filed a lawsuit challenging the bill

federal judge in Tennessee temporarily blocked a law that would have restricted drag performances in front of children from going into effect.

It’s not bad enough that our kids are bombarded with unnatural demonstrations and the tube and the internet; now these fags/sissy/homo want to put on live performances for them and they found some sympathetic judge, who probably is a faggot too, to approve of demonstrating Bohemian lifestyle in an effort to recruit young people

Kids today are finding it very difficult to decide who they are and what they are let alone being encouraged by outside unnatural influences.

Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Lee signed the bill in February after it passed through the state’s legislature. The measure was designed to restrict drag performances in public or in front of children, as conservatives across the country argue that the shows are inappropriate for younger audiences.

Look around at the kids today and how dysfunctional they are and wonder why. Naturally due to their mentors/role models and people they look up to are way off the chart when it comes to common, decency, sense, and educating our children properly.

Why are the people in the countries like North Korea as brainwashed as they are?? It is drilled into their head from the time they slide out of that little place they’ve been for eight months how it is to hate people especially the Americans. If you get somebody young enough and impressionable enough they will believe anything you tell them. This is the same premise that SOME of the gay community, the radicals works under.

There’s nothing wrong if you are naturally gay, but do not try to. jam your ideologies down my throat.

Believe in what you want you believe, lead your life according to how you see it, but do not try to impose your lifestyle on other people, especially the youngsters. If they are smart enough and given the proper guidance, they will decide on their own which road to take.

I’m not trying to tell anyone or influence them in how to run their life. It is their business and they should be educated through evolution.

It’s not bad enough that these frustrated/confused sissies have destroyed their own life, they are campaigning to destroy the lives of the younger generation through subliminal brainwashing.

If you wanna jump off a bridge that’s fine with me, I may even give you a boost onto the rail, but don’t expect me to hold your hand as you’re going down.

I give the governor of Tennessee a lot of credit for trying to do the right thing. Let’s hope that the whacked out judge gets hit by a bus or a train before he makes a final decision.

How many other states will take this stance?? Not many others. I still say that the progressives are winning the war. They have too many worthless, Parasitic fools that are sympathetic to their cause and want to live a lifestyle of being supported by the government, sticking food their your mouth, paying your bills, and wiping their lazy ass for them. Who are they gonna vote for when election time comes around??


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