Satan and his protege

Leftwing groups attempting to block congressional oversight of Biden may violate law, conservative org warns

Democratic operative David Brock and dark money groups have promised ‘maximum pushback’ against Congress’ oversight of the Biden admin

Take a good look at this disgraceful father who raised this bum to be a bigger bum than he is.

It is absolutely astounding that Kamikaze Joe is such a poor excuse for a father, a disgrace to manhood in every area possible, most of all, he ranks at the top of his class for inadequate parenting.

The most revolting part of this entire sad scenario is, the old decrepit son of a bitch is proud of his kid. WFT does that tell you??

As we all know for the most part we are all products of our environment. that being said, if your father or your mother were assholes there was a good chance you are also one.

What is even more astounding, but not really, the fruit cake lifters want to see Kamikaze Joe’s punk kid get off the hook for all of his misdeeds. The reason is, they are just as fucked up as parents as Biden is.

It is totally against every reasonable minuscule piece of logic when any parent should shelter their criminal kids by aiding and abetting in the commission of their crimes. That is unless the parents are bigger criminals and their kids are, which happens to be the situation in this case.

The only difference between Ma Barker and Kamikaze Joe, she had a set of tits and he doesn’t. Orrrrr —

There’s been a rumor circulating that Kamikaze Joe is a distant relative of Ma Barker. That is quite possible because they have the same mentality when it comes to raising kids.

Just like Ma Barker; the Brat Kid learned everything he knows from his father.

There is a lot of truth behind this old cliché; if your father was a degenerate, chances are you are going wind up the same way. The Biden boys are living proof of that.

What is possible, someday in the long run, the brat may die of an overdose or under some other nefarious circumstances and the only person that can be held to blame is his ever loving daddy.

I always believe in giving credit where it’s due. If nothing else we have to give Kamikaze credit for being as or more fucked up as a president than he is a parent. The man has consistency in his soul.

Because of all of the money power and politics involved in these charges against the brats and his old man, who knows of justice will ever prevail?? One thing I do know for sure, if the both of them are not brought up on criminal charges at some point in time, it will be one of the most a egresious examples of injustice in the American history.

And they are rolling boulders at Donald Trump for paying for some high priced pussy. Talk about hypocrites. GMAGFB

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