Take him out to the back 40 and what they do to old, worn-out horses……..

Biden makes multiple false Second Amendment claims in wake of Nashville Covenant School tragedy

President claims machine guns are illegal, leading cause of death for children is firearms

Machine guns??? Machine guns have not been around since Eliot Ness was chasing Al Capone through the back alleys of Ci Town. Kamikaze’s brain must be stuck in a time warp or if he has any brains at all.

This video perfectly depicts the lack of class and respect Biden has for the American people and the families of the victims involved the school shooting. He starts out his supposed sympathetic speech by talking about ice cream instead of the massacre. Now that is an uncaring, cold prick.

The guy is so wrapped up in himself with that ultra gigantic ego he has, he has a one-track mind, Joe – Joe – Joe.

I don’t know for sure, but I would be willing to bet that his parents, probably his mother, spoil the shit out of him as he did that worthless, drug addict, womanizer, bum son of his.

And this is what the country may be looking as our president in 2024.

I mentioned it yesterday in one of the posts I did, the reason this senile bastard threw the immigration gates wide open, he is trying to make it legal for illegals to vote in the next election. Put two and two together folks.

His maggots associates and he behind these movements are despicable bastards to even be so conniving as to come up with a ploy like that.

You gotta give it to them, they don’t sleep at night trying to come up with different ways to screw and deceive the American public. Don’t believe me, look who their main spokesman is.

I will bet all the money I have that, Kamakazi Joe cannot name the victims that were slaughtered in the school shooting the other day, but he can rattle of all 98 different flavors of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

What a piece of work the guy is!!

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