Where were the armed guards ….

Tennessee shooting: Nashville police release security camera footage of Covenant school attack that killed 6

Six people, including three students, were killed during a school shooting today at The Covenant School


Posted on 10/09/2015 by The Goomba Gazette

1 dead, 3 wounded in shooting at Northern Arizona University:

Posted 8 years ago by yours truly. Speaking to deaf ears.

What happened to all the security that was supposed to be in place?? The only thing that the PP (pathetic politicians) give us is lip service. It is going to take one of their family or relatives to be one of the victims of a mass shooting before they open up their eyes and do they have to do to protect the school kids.

I said years ago that there should only be one ingress and egress to every school what a professional, well-trained armed guard Standing at the doorway. Will it be inconvenient for people to walk a little further to their destination?? Probably but it’s good exercise.

I am sure there are plenty of X servicemen or X police that will jump at the opportunity to help keep our school kids safe and make up a decent-sized paycheck.

Just like everything else our PP politicians get involved in, if it cannot benefit them directly they turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to it. The only thing they are interested in is scoring points so when the next election comes around they will have their foot in the door and a leg up on the competition.

Why the fuck do you think Kamakazi Joe and the rest of them lousy bastards connected with him want all of these illegal immigrants into our country. One of the things on their nefarious agenda is to make it legal for all of illegals to vote. The more that entered the country theoretically the more votes that lousy bastard we call a president will get.

Do you think the illegals will vote for a guy like Donald Trump that would kick their ass out of this country or vote for the devious son of a bitch Kamikaze Joe?? People, it’s all in the numbers and $$$$$$$$.

To all of you very naive people out there; you have to remember one thing, these M-fers do not do anything that will not benefit them. They have an ulterior motive for every decision they make, 99 9/10% of the time it is always in their favor.

Our PPP (piss-poor politicians) would rather give trillions away to foreign countries that have no use for the United States than put it to better use protecting our kids in schools.

Ladies and gents, there are solutions to these conditions and situations if the PPP would get their heads out of their asses and take a look at other people’s suggestions.

I was just listening to the news; the reporter said that there was no security at that school. If they would have considered my recommendations there could have been a lot of lives saved in the last eight years.

Start placing well-armed well trained guards and each school, university and colleges in the country and these incidents will be cut by 90%. Is it more important to give trillions to foreign countries or to protect our kids.

I guess that is a pretty stupid question when you have a president like TMC that literally gave or released over $160 billion to Iran as a gift. Who the fuck side is this guy on??

Funded by Obama, he allowed/financed the military operations that Iran is executing these days. They are funded by, funded by, funded by our own government to wipe us off the map.

In essence, in all reality, the son of a bitch Obama gave money, gave money, gave money to Iran to wage war against the United States. Yes, yes, yes we are funding them to kill us.

Now, someone should try and tell me that there is not a severe problem in American politics. We are electing son of a bitches that are totally against the citizens of this country, Yet we have the ignorant side of our society that continues to support them and kiss their asses. WTF – GMAFB


As I’m putting this post together there has to be 500 to 1000 more fucking maniacs out there sharpening their swords, loading up your bandolier waiting for another attack. In order to get their 15 minutes of fame they have to outdo the last slaughtering crazy bastard.

Along with my recommendation of placing armed guards at each learning institution, it is of the utmost importance, if anyone sees unusual activity with someone, it should be their obligation to notify the authorities. But to start with there must be laws written and enforce that allow people to be apprehended that are a potential danger to society.

This is a very sick world we live in and it’s only going to get worse if the proper measure is not taken to bring these people down. lip service does not cut it.


I would be very happy to assist the authorities in implementing my strategies if they want any results. Take a good guess, I will not hold my breath waiting to hear from any of these fools.

My heart and my sympathies go out to all of the victims and their families. I cannot think of a worse condition to have to deal with, as a loss of a child.

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