Not even if thet paid for my ticket ….

Toxic chemical leak after train falls off tracks, sends 70 cars toppling like dominoes

I have done a fair amount of true traveling by rail in Europe and I felt as comfortable as I did while I was in my mother’s arms when she was nursing me.

As far as my confidence in the American railroad system, I wouldn’t travel the rail if they bought my ticket.

You see my friends; instead of the government taking care of their infrastructure that is so deteriorated people take their life in their hands on a daily basis just to live in this country. Our ridiculous, Incompetent brain dead leaders would rather give trillions to foreign powers that would shit in our oatmeal if we ever needed a helping hand.

Infrastructure Report Card › cat-item › bridge…

There are more than 617,000 bridges across the United States. Currently, 42% of all bridges are at least 50 years old, and 46,154, or 7.5% of the nation’s …

The way I view this; is the same as some idiot taking all of the food out of his refrigerator, drawing all the money he has out of the bank, and giving his house away to complete strangers, while his own family is homeless and starving. Does that even begin to make sense? That is exactly what they are doing, feeding a bunch of thankless strangers while their metaphorical kids are starving.

I can’t even count the thousands of times that I have said; that irresponsible lawmakers should be the victims of their own disastrous incompetence

This is exactly what our fucked up government is doing instead of taking care of business. I did a post the other day on priorities/perspectives. The example I am giving now giving it’s just the tip of the icepick as to how irresponsible our government leaders are.

Although there are thousands of bridges in our country that are in dire need of repair, these stupid bastards always wait until one collapses and kills about 20 or 30 people, then and only then do they get off their dead ass and do something, maybe!

Bridges are just the tip of the iceberg; water lines, sewer lines,  electrical lines, gas lines, and undrivable roadways, are in such bad condition they are ready to explode/implode at any given moment.

I was in the construction industry for a number of years and can tell you firsthand what type of deplorable conditions are infrastructures in. I have seen situations where just taking the weight of the dirt off of an existing water line, that in itself caused the water line to explode. Not many people have ever seen a 30-inch water main explode as I have. I saw one in downtown Cleveland where a 30-inch water main exploded, blew a hole in the asphalt and concrete street about 40 feet wide, and through the debris through an office building windows 4 floors up. That is how much power and pressure or water main is under.

These conditions are not unusual they’re just there waiting to happen. When the shit hits the fan and everything blows up at once, these cities will be blued screwed and tattooed trying to repair all the devastation at one time. Believe me, that day of reckoning is coming.

I watched the news program about the totally decayed infrastructure in New York City. They said that there are gigantic water mains in the city, if they ever fail and blow up, the shutoffs are so rusted and decayed that it would be impossible to turn the water off to make repairs.

All these corporate bastards are concerned with our profits, profits and profits. I worked closely with many of the utility companies in the city who would upgrade their vehicles about every two to three years keeping them in good working order and presentable. Now because the $hareholders are only interested in the bottom line in how much they can make, many of these vehicles are being held together with duct tape and bending wire. They are fucking disgraceful.

This is probably one of the better ones.

Most people in the world really don’t understand the logic of longevity. We have a giant basket that is filled with trinkets and $100 bills that people keep picking and picking and picking it, but never put back. At some point in time, due to the lack of donating/replenishing, the basket is picked dry until there is nothing else to pick from. It’s called greed and stupidity. People and companies like that are only used to instant gratification. They could give a shit less about what happens next week next month or next year.

The fools are not smart enough and really don’t care to look into the future and be proactive so catastrophic conditions do not occur. I say; pay me now or much more later. The time of much more has arrived.

In a nutshell, it is all about greed money, and profit. The day of the honest stand-up, respectable companies, and the people running them have long gone. All they have at their helm are a bunch of greedy sons of a bitches that could care less about the people that pay their salaries.

Let us all give a BIG HELLO to Laura

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