An absolute disgrace …

Cracker Barrel becomes latest company to flee Portland amid rising crime, retail theft

Walmart announced earlier this month it is closing all of its Portland, Oregon, locations

Just like I say that Kamikaze Joe should be held responsible for all the deaths under his watch that he was responsible for his incompetence and over the top progressive socialist mentality. In the same token the Lily livered bastards that called the shots in Oregon and places like that where conditions have eroded to below 0, they also should be held accountable for their inability to govern.

People have dedicated their whole lives Growing a business and taking care of their family only to have the government fall down on the responsibility to protect them.

Let me ask a dumb fucking question because it deserves an answer. What the hell do we pay taxes for and elect people to positions that are supposed to ensure that the citizens under their watch are taken care of as directed by the oath of the law they take. It is nothing but a gigantic joke.

I would say in many areas the criminals have won the war, and the pacifist allowed them to do it. ANDDDD the silent majority is so silent that it’s deafening. Not many people has a set of balls to stand up against these people and to put the hammer on them.

I did a post this morning about a homeowner that put the invader of his house 6 feet under. I called it INSTANT JUSTICE. This is the only type of communication, if you will, the criminals understand.

The old saying used to be, we could control the tempo of the government by the people we elect. What a bunch of bullshit that is. The pricks will do and say anything they can to get into office, and then they do exactly the opposite. So the old cliche of controlling the government by our votes is a lot of horseshit. The little guy does not stand a chance.

I say, throw all the worthless politicians out of office, city, state, federal across the board and hold another reelection starting from scratch. These pricks have been in office too long and are too comfortable with their positions. As I’ve said many times before; I would love to see politicians and sports figures be paid on their performance not on their fucking worthless rhetoric and lack of activity.

The only problem with that I can see, chances are very good that the replacements will eventually become as bad as the ones in office now. I guess we just live in a world of greed corruption, the lust for power and control.

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