They better shit can their so-called experts and hire me as their consultant …..

The state of the U.S. Navy as China builds up its naval force and threatens Taiwan

Below are just a few of the many post I did on China building up their military arsenal especially their Navy.

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Published on Feb 19, 2013 at 4:47 AM

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Paul Revere in Chinese – 中国人来了

Published on Sep 15, 2015 at 11:50 AM

Some of these posts I did go back over 10 years. I’m still asking myself the same question, who the fuck are the higher-ups in the United States government working for, the fucking enemy or for us to preserve our country??

If the condition of our country are not perplexing to you, you got a major problem. I gotta believe you are an anti-American son of a bitch. If the SCARPS fit, put them on.

With incompetence bullshit like this, it kind of makes you wonder. If you are not wondering, you got a mental problem. I wouldn’t put it past the realm of possibility a good percentage of our politicians in this country are on the Chinese tab as well as some other foreign country’s payroll.

Just look at that rotten son of a bitch we have for a president and his low-life fuckin maggot kid and tell me that there is not some severe hanky panky going on behind closed doors.

These two despicable bastards and some of their families are guilty as sin. Sad to say, I doubt that there will ever come a day when they will stand up and take what’s coming to them. They are two insulated with money and power in political influence.

Talk about arrogance; the two pricks literally wrote the book on it.

 If nothing else this book is something that they cannot bullshit their way out of, it’s all down in black and white.

What kind of caring father would allow their son to continue down the path this fool has gone in support him every step of the way is most disturbing, When hunter starts screwing his dead brothers wife shortly after his death, the Hunter was given a thumbs up by our illustrious president and his doctor wife on the arrangement. pretty sweet huh??

As far as I can see Kamikaze Joe never did a thing to try to help kids straighten out, the only thing he did was bounce him around from organization to organization to try to hide him.

Kamikaze even got his kid enlisted in the Navy way past the eligibility age, but in true form, the fuckin deadbeat punk got thrown out not long after he joined.

That kid should have been taken to the woodshed when he was a lot younger and gave him a gigantic attitude adjustment, but all, Kakazue did was contribute to his delinquency by turning his back and pretending there was not a problem.

The mentality that Kamikaze displayed then carried over into his political career where he was always trying to soft soap and conceal the truth from the public as to just how bad things truly are. I don’t know if I ever despised a person more than him for what he has done to this country.

Talk about a fucking dysfunctional family, they take first prize.

Why in the name of anything holy or unholy would any sensible human being see their next-door (proverbial China) neighbor they have been feuding with for years, gearing up to come over and decimate them. What does he do, deliberately downsized his defense capabilities, tear their fence down to give them easy access, and in some instances aids and abetting them.

Folks; if you don’t think that there is a gigantic boil festering in this country and waiting for it to pop and flood everything in its path, think again. Where do you think all this complacency and inadequate performance of protecting our country is going to lead?? Nowhere good I’ll tell you that.

Remember what I told you some time ago, you better get ready and learn how to use chopsticks.

Charlie Chan and his crew were on the way and make no bones about it. It is one thing if you get your ass kicked by someone sneaking up on you, that may be excusable. But when someone tells you that they are coming to destroy you in two months and you do not prepare yourself, there is absolutely no excuse for that. Charlie has been putting the United States on notice for a couple years now let’s see just how smart our leaders are. I am not very hopeful!!

We probably have one of the best military forces in the world but just like the cops that have been handcuffed and not allowed do their job, that alone puts a gigantic nail in our coffin.

Hold the egg roll – I am trying to watch

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