Manhattan DA says his office won’t tolerate ‘attempts to intimidate’ following Trump posts

If The Donald only knew how to firme HIS La Bouche,

There is no doubt in my mind that he would still be sitting in the big chair, if he could have close his mouth and locked that gigantic ego of his in the closet.

I keep asking myself; how did he ever attain the status he did, financially and in the business world being as obnoxious as he is?  It had to be the money that did the talking and his very wealthy influential father didn’t hurt any.

It is very difficult for someone to have thousands of people standing in line waiting to kiss their ass, It’s very difficult to keep your head out of the clouds and get down with reality. After a while they start believing they are bullet proof.

The Donald has had thousands of people bowing down to him for years and does not know how to take no for an answer. In some respects that can be very beneficial, but in others, as we can see it did not work out so well for Trump.

Take the time to read the, they are impressive.

The long and the short of it, the man has everything but the man has nothing. Smokey the bear used to say, only you can prevent forest fires!!

A nun told me way back when I was in the 2nd grade that empty barrels made the loudest noise. I probably could not grasp the intent of that cliche but as we grow older you can see the value of what’s some of the old timers have the say.

The true  sign of an intelligent person is knowing when and when not to take advice from the people surrounding you. As we all know this is not one of The Donald strongest attributes.

I would like to ask Mr. Trump a question to see what his response would be. why does she even bother hiring advisors if he does not take their advice.

I said way back when,  Trump shit canned so many people he should have put a revolving door on the front of the White House.

With all due respect there is one element that could be changed instantly and not cost him a dime if he was only smart enough to recognize it. put that ego in the closet buddy and think before you answer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with admitting that you don’t have the answer. 6 words can change his life.


Do I think he’ll ever learn?? Absolutely not there is too much ego involved. why does the dummy keep sticking his hand inside of a raging furnace and burns the hell out of this and every time?? The kicker is he keeps doing the same thing day after day.

Everything that comes into his ear a microsecond later he has the answer coming out of his flytrap, whether he knows the correct answer or not. he has never learned to say I really don’t know and I could get back to you .. I don’t know if it’s his ignorance or bad habit he has developed through the years. There is absolutely nothing wrong was admitting there a person does not have the answer.

Aside from being impulsive with his answers, some of the commentary that comes out of his mouth would make Atilla The Hun shudder in his skivvies. Why would the Donald ever say he has no use for losers, making reference to John McCain who was a prisoner of war for a number of years. To me statements like that shows with persons arrogance beyond belief.

I have to wonder how many veterans cast their votes based on Trump’s remarks. It had to be substantial.

Donnie I made the the offer several times to come in as an advisor and help you get over your idiosyncrasies, but you never took me up on it. The offer still stands. It is all about common sense and I have an abundance of it.

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