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Jan 10, 2023 — Soldiers patrol the streets following the detention of Mexican drug gang … U.S. military capabilities against drug cartels in Mexico.

If the American authorities can pull it off in the Land of Hot Tamale, why in the name of Batman and Robin can they not do the same thing in the United States.

The real problem is, someone must have put super glue on the thumbs of everybody in Washington DC and they suck it up their ass and now they cannot get it out.

I have been preaching for our government to be proactive and to go after the Bandidos and snuff them out. they know where they are, they know who they are, and they know that their intention is to take down the United States, that in itself gives the law permission to do anything within their means to put these people down.

What fuck are you waiting for?? You see the burglar crawling through your window and what do you do about it, you go in the garage, get a ladder and help him through the window.

From what I can see all of these have baked attempts and making a difference not only half-baked attempts. Typical collaboration in Washington and business as usual.

I wonder if any of the Wizards in DC know the definition of proactive and preemptive. Those two words alone can be the difference between success or defeat. From where I sit, the Super Glue guys with their thumb up their asses are losing the battles coming from every direction. The best thing they accomplish is rolling boulders at one another Trying to shift the blame away from themselves.

the USA better get their shit together, Mexico never thought that they would be in the dire straits they are today either.

Let us worry about getting the United States squared away first and then we can focus across the border. I am not just referring to drug dealers but every criminal in this United States should be permanently put out of business. They’re breaking the law and it is against the law, do some fucking thing about it.

Read so my post going back 10 years or more where I predicted that someday the bandidos in Mexico will be more powerful than the government. I should get paid for these revelations.

The ignorance, stupidity, complacency, dishonesty, and politics of the United States it’s totally off the charts. These primadonnas don’t give a shit about anybody but themselves. If they did we would not see the country in the deplorable condition it is in today.

Pete repeat: Take this to the bank – how many of you remember me saying; if the politicians in the United States had to live by the same rules and regulations that the citizens do, we would see a much different performance.

They are the quarterback that sat on the bench for 15 years because she did not wanna play. He got paid his big nut whether he played or not, so why take the chance of getting beat up.

It is disheartening to say how much the United States has regressed in the last few years, it is shameful.

We are o the way out

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