Wanna test the waters …… Benn doing it a long time …

Pope Francis says Catholic Church banning priests from engaging in sex is ‘temporary’

The Catholic Church began requiring celibacy in the 11th century

Give me a F-in break Frankie, you boys have been testing the waters and sneaking under the fence for thousands of years. The celibacy you guys have going on is just a fucking joke.

I probably would not object too much to Catholic priests having sex, as long as it was of the opposite sex. It is a known fact, the reason many of these perverts joining the priesthood is because they’re walking into a human smorgasbord, millions of young little things at their beckoned call waiting to be abused by one of them.


This is nothing new, but it is rarely talked about and kept under the covers not to attract attention. GMAFB. Worst of all, after the fact being concealed by the guy with the funny hat.

Pope Frank new revelation:

The Vatican bans sex among priests, although it has faced calls to terminate the rule.


There has been a lot of conversation about priests getting married. AYSM?? What about after six or eight months the two lovebirds fall out of love and want to get a divorce. That is supposed to be against the Catholic religion.

Worse yet if they stay married and have half a dozen brats, can you imagine the financial strain it will put on the Catholic religion to keep these kids in shoes, clothes, cars, schools, and whatever else it takes to raise a family? On Sunday the priests at the pulpit would resemble a bum begging like a tin horn St. person with the cup in his hand.

It is either a yes or no, it cannot be a maybe. It’s like locking an alcoholic and a liquor store overnight and telling him not to touch any of the booze. If they have the propensity they should never be put into that type of situation. They should never have been allowed to join the priesthood. This is why the Catholic religion has such problems with their priests, they give them too much slack, and too much leeway, and protect them when they get caught with their hands in the cookie jar or down some young kid’s pants

The one incident that blows my mind (no pun intended) some son of a bitch priest admitted he molested over 400 kids in a deaf school where he taught. His punishment was to retire him to Ireland with full pension for the rest of his life.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the powers to be in the Catholic religion bought him a house next to a school.

How many Catholic priests have been accused of abusing children?

The John Jay report indicated that some 11,000 allegations had been made against 4,392 priests in the USA. This number constituted approximately 4% of the 110,000 priests who had served during the period covered by the survey (1950–2002).

Situations like this can almost be compared to some young innocent little boy going to his own uncle with problems and looking for a sympathetic ear or someone to lean on. By the end of the conversation, the degenerate uncle has lured his own kid into a bedroom. Sick you say?? You’re God damn right it is and should not be taken with a grain of salt.

These degenerate pedophiles have been beating the system for so long because they have that black and white collar around their necks. It should put a rawhide rope around it instead.

The lowlife sick vrmine know exactly what they’re doing when they joined the priesthood, so they could get next to the buffet of young boys without being suspicious.

It is all about the money folks, do you really think that these pricks really believe in what they for each?? If they did, they wouldn’t be sneaking on the fence as they do. I’m going to be generous and state 25% MAYBE of the preiest are true believers.

In my opinion, I would not cut them any slack. No marriage, no intersexual relationships, played by the rules that they signed up for.

If they ever opened those floodgates, the priesthood would be inundated with new applicants looking for a free ride and life. Free house, free car, free clothes, free food, housemaids, cleaning people and pretty healthy expense accounts, plus all the little boys they can handle. To me, that sounds like the ideal storm for wondering pedophile.

If they get horny and want to get a little trim, all they need to do, go out to the nearest red light district, pick up a hooker and take care of business. After he is satisfied, go back to the rectory, look in the mirror and confess and give themselves some absolution. How sweet it is

When I joined the Marine Corps I knew that there were rules and regulations that had to be abided by come hook or crook. It was not up to me to pick and choose once I signed on the dotted line as to what I would do and what I wouldn’t do for the military.

Life is all about making the right choices and sticking to them. People with backbone integrity and sincerity are the ones that stabilize this country.

I would love to give the Lily-livered nonconformance 10 minutes with Sergeant Merrill at Parris Island to see if they could write their own rule books.

The fact of the matter is, the people that are supposed to be guiding us, the supposedly holy pathfinders are bigger sinners than we are.

Be good to your family, respect your fellow man, cherish your friends, be honest, be generous, be a good person, you don’t have to tell your sins to some guy in a little box. Who knows what he is doing behind that curtain. I always maintained, if they took all the hypocrites out of churches the pews would be empty.

Let me hear a BIG AMEN.

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