Free – Free – Free, that is why these pricks keep getting the check marks

Newsom’s California pushes billions in reparations payments as state faces budget deficit disaster

State task force proposes doling out $360K per person as amends for slavery

This sick puppy and his crew have put California billions of dollars in debt. It will probably be 50 years or better if they ever do pay off what they owe, yet this simpleton, mental Midget, irresponsible bastard wants to give two $326,000 to each black person in this state for reparation. The guy is out of his fucking mind. How in Christ can you control dictators like this?? They are runaway trains with nobody at the clutches and their brake pads are completely worn out, but yet they wanna go 600 miles an hour.

He probably just pulled that finger out of his ass ORRRR someone else’s.

I believe that the only way to straighten this country out entirely is to have a complete revolution and have the best team win. There is no end to the insanity of these progressive Social Democrat assholes.

Many of the people on social services have been there for 8 to 10 decades and do not know what it’s like to be responsible and work for a living. How can they teach their kids how to develop into solid citizens, if they are bums themselves.

It is called entitlement where people believe that they are really entitled to certain perks even though they do not deserve it. It’s more powerful than COVID. When receiving reparation the lazy son of a bitch can sit home and get paid. On the flip side when a person had COVID they had to stay home and not get paid. That really pisses them off.

Ladies and gents the people in question are absolutely pathetic and wouldn’t take a fucking job if you gave it to them, drove them to work, gave them a 3-hour lunch break, gave them 20 paid holidays a year just like our congressman get, they don’t want to work, They spend most of their life waiting for that social service check to come in, Paying them reparation is only going to put gasoline on an already raging forest fire.

I really believe with people like Kamikaze Joe and Newsome and the rest of the people running this country eventually will win the war and drive this country into oblivion. Just encase you have not noticed, it is well on its way already. There is no stopping it when there are more fucking morons in this country of voting age that will vote for any person who will completely support them rather than encourages them to work for a living. That is a new 4 letter word WORK but these fools absolutely detest.

Do you really believe that people like Newsome honestly have any concern for the American people?? You are dead-wrong. They are only in it for the long haul to see how much they can steal and commandeer to fill their coffers.

I hope there are people out there that could put an end to this insanity of passing out money to irresponsible causes. If gruesome Newsome has his way it will be a snowballing effect around the country.

I remember years back when the government saw fit to pay the Indians (who justifiably deserved it ) reparation for being thrown off of their land. If I am not mistaken the number was about a half 500,000 to each person. In no time at all the majority of them were flat broke, the alcoholism rate was astronomical, and the suicide rate was equally as high. In a nutshell, this entire initiative backfired. All they did was create worthless, irresponsible zombies. The same thing will happen if Newsome’s plan goes through.

In 1946, Congress created the Indian Claims Commission, a body designed to hear historic grievances and compensate tribes for lost territories. It commissioned extensive historical research and ended up awarding about $1.3 billion to 176 tribes and bands.

Unemployment reached about 80%, and alcoholism became so rampant that booze was banned from the Indian reservations.

I remember seeing videos of the Indian reservations back then where brand new vehicles, hundreds of them were parked on the side of the road and abandoned because they ran out of gas. Instead of filling them up, they went and bought another one. The Indians went through that money like the water goes through the calendar on Sunday spaghetti. When we were kids we used to call the calendar, spaghetti stay water go.

Not minimizing what the black people had to go through, but in my opinion, the American Indians had it 50 times worse than they did.

I have been telling you for years that the socialist movements in this country are bound and determined to bring all of its citizens of this country to their knees where they are totally dependent on them so they have absolute control. But all the fucking parasites can see is the word FREE.

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