Bullshitting Buckwheat…….


Published March 11, 2023 3:51pm EST

Karine Jean-Pierre torched for ‘word salad’ defending Biden’s border policy: ‘40 seconds of total nonsense’

This two-bit lying broad should be ashamed of herself and should be prohibited from standing in front of the American flag while she spews out all her irresponsible rhetoric, deliberately not answering questions, deliberately trying to confuse the public, deliberately holding back vital information about the country’s wellbeing from the American public and deliberately knowing she is lying through her fucking teeth. I will AXE again, Why even have press conferences when we know, all they are going to tell us is what they want us to know.

I have to take this all to the top. Even though the prick KJ is so senile and doesn’t know which leg of his pants to put on 1st, he and all of his other conspirators should be held countable for all the turmoil, disruption, destruction, and even deaths caused by the United States and concealing it from the public.

EXAMPLE: Causing the death of someone In Ohio, this offense is a felony, and the sentence may be up to 11 years in prison.

Between Afghanistan and the open border, should Kamikaze he and his Co-conspirators who directly or indirectly caused the deaths of thousands of people. be held accountable and pay the price for his poor decision-making?? Abso- fucking-lutely !!!

Because of their backdoor, underhanded, crooked illegal dealings they have caused thousands upon thousands of deaths and the destruction of the United States that has not yet come around full circle

‘Emptier words have never been spoken by anybody not named Kamala Harris,’ one Twitter user wrote

During the cumbersome speech, Jean-Pierre discussed Biden’s border security goals and accused former President Donald Trump of having “truly gutted” America’s immigration system.

Internet users blasted Jean-Pierre for both her “word salad” and the substance of what she was saying

I think all of the citizens of the United states are entitled to know the truth about what’s going on with this government. There is too much secrecy, too many clandestine operations too many dead presidents changing hands that keep this political monstrosity greased up.

There ought to be total transparency. Personally; I want to know if someone’s on his way to kick my ass. I don’t wanna be caught sleeping.

Don’t tell me how fucking good things are in this country when they are on the verge of collapsing. I cannot wish these bitches more bad luck than the pathetically addicted gambler who keeps betting on the same horse and doesn’t know or doesn’t care if the nag has been dead for 12 years.

There cannot be anybody in their right mind who can look at current conditions and be pleased with it.

Keep that lying bitch in her twin sister away from the cameras and microphones if it wasn’t such a sad situation and where even be comical.

Girl-sister, I swear it was that big, you know I never lie.

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