They must be getting nervous already …..

White House ramps up attacks on DeSantis ahead of likely 2024 presidential run

If they were confident, they would be silent – looks like they’re shitting in their pants ready.

I made this observation so many times it’s ridiculous. When anyone runs for a political office or a prestigious position his/her vetters/hatchet people go all the way back to when this person was still kicking shit out of their diapers.

They do not leave a stone unturned as to how they can proverbially execute their opposition. That is not just for one side or the other, it applies to every condition where control, money, and power are present.

Where a person has to get the upper hand on the opposing side, they are gonna make sure that even if Ronnie boy peeked under his school teacher’s skirt while she was sitting her desk with her legs crossed, or uncrossed, they will undoubtedly find that out.

OK; it’s sad to say that these people could be so ruthless. They do not leave a stone unturned or a hollow tree not looked into. They literally spend hundreds of millions of dollars trying to make their opponent look bad. That just goes to show you what the payoff is worth once anyone gets an office.

I would like to see Danny or another person of equivalent/ideologies get into office in 2024 and set the record straight once again. I don’t know if that’s possible. These socio-bastards are very strong very, ruthless, conniving, dedicated, and very determined to hold on to what they have, in expectation of turning this country into a socialized state 

As we can see that does not apply to every situation. Kamakazie Joe is absolutely dirtier than at Lucy’s skivvies she changes once a year, maybe. Yet with all the dirt on this bum, he got elected. How was that possible you may ask? He had big money behind him, and enough to buy off anyone that would dare try to make mud stick to his bathroom wall.

Contrary to the Phony tough-ass demeanor he puts on, the façade, KJ is nothing but a weak M-fer with a big mouth who has gotten away with everything including, possibly murder.

Tell me how many people is he responsible for killing crossing the border. Tell me how many people is he responsible for killing in the abandonment of Afghanistan. I say he should go up on charges for each one of those deaths.

I will guarantee you one thing for sure if the situation were reversed, the person in his position would have his head hanging out of the front of the guillotine and his ass facing the crowd.

There is a very big difference between the socios and the Republicans. From what I see,  The Republicans are not willing to get down and dirty, and pull out all of the stops like the socios are. They have no boundaries, no limits, no morals, conscience, probably no Ma Ma and could care less who they steamroll over.

They are gonna make/invent hypothetical accusation, dig up trash knowing whether it is right or wrong just stir up the shit pot.

In the past election I did not see that the Republicans had the balls or the sense to use those kind of tactics.

At the end of a war and everyone gets their hat, nobody really gives a shit who came in second and how they got there, the only thing people remember is who came in first.

Fools; take them fucking gloves off and do what you gotta do to score the W.

You wanna win this war ladies, better start getting nasty and ruthless now, don’t wait till next year.

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