NYC mayor says Lori Lightfoot’s loss in Chicago is ‘warning sign for the country’

All politicians are so nothing, bunch of ego-maniac, back slappers that don’t do shit except run their mouths, We have been talking about the same issues taking place for 30 years or better and we are still spinning our wheels in the same spot or absolutely losing ground.

No shit Sherlock how come it took you so long to recognize the entire country is at peril because of the miserable, incompetent governing by its law officials.

Criminals are like spoiled rotten kids who without being disciplined properly will continue to walk down that same criminal path. Why you may ask; they believe that the lack of accountability coming from the political side of the country, their misbehavior is acceptable. you don’t spank your kid’s ass, send them back out on the street, the next day he’s gonna do the same thing probably worse.

How can anyone with an ounce of brains look at what’s been going on for the last couple of years with a progressive liberal, socialist way of governing, and not realize there’s a hung problem tat eventually will affect everyone in the country.  

Up jumps Eric Adams and suddenly comes up with a very brilliant astute observation. WFT took the fool so long. I have been talking about these same issues for a number of years now and how these liberal authorities are going to destroy the country, and now is coming to fruition, with everyone wondering what the fuck happened.

To make them look like they are actually doing something this is not exactly the same example but it’s close. do we know how many gigantic companies through the years have had to shut down their business and declare bankruptcy?? The big answer is intercoursing the canine or in street terminology, fucking the dog. They have the mentality embedded in their skulls, the longer it takes to do something the more beneficial it is to them and them alone.

In the construction industry I was involved with for many years, I saw multimillion-dollar contractors go busted because they had an outrageous number of feathered bedders working for them. Thankfully the industry did a turnaround years later and came back to, for the most part, being an honest and stand-up industry. The only way that was accomplished was to cut off the snake’s head and the rest of it would die.

Repeating – repeating – repeating over and over again the same old bullshit tone. Your kid knows that you are nothing but a soft touch in the discipline department, and he is probably is laughing in your face. That is what the criminals of this country are doing. There are idiots at the helm they are completely incompetent and should never be allowed to hold political office.

Lori light lips there’s a disgrace to this country and anything that she stands for. With a track record such as she has or crime rate in Chicago has risen between 40 and 60% since she’s been in office that’s totally  acceptable. Yet she will stand in front of a camera what those frog eyes and their buckweed hairdo and declared it all is well on the Western Front. She must have went to the same school that Kamikaze Joe did. advanced technology in bullshitting 101.

Eric Adams, under what dead fallen tree have you been living in for the last few years. Or did you make a mistake and turn on Fox News network instead of one of the demo socialist sympathizing stations.

I do not know about anyone else in this country but I take it very personal that we have so many fucking stumblebums there were allowed to roam free and screw this country up the way they have.

There was a couple things I really detest in life and one of them is, standing by and watching an innocent person get this shit kicked out of them. this is essentially what so many people in the country are doing because they don’t have the the balls or are not interested in draining the swamp. They are the first ones when the day of reckoning comes around they’re going to throw their hands up in the air and say what the fuck happened?? I have the perfect answer for them. they have been sitting around for decades with their head up their ass allowing the government to come and go here responsibly and not do anything about it. I’ve made this observation about the country of Mexico that I did many posts on. one the drug cartels initially planted their roots in Mexico, the government because of their corruption and lawlessness allowed them to continue unimpeded. I said at the time; it will not be long before these drug cartels take over the country. As we speak that absolutely has came to fruition, the cartels have more finances and more firepower than the entire Mexican government. this is exactly what happens to any organization city state or country that allows there organization to be left unattended.

Does anyone think that these horrendous conditions that exist in the USA are going to do a turn around?? I say absolutely not, they are too far along.

This was going on too far and too long for a reversal can even be considered.

Where I was born and raised, if we ever saw one of the younger kids getting beat up, we jumped in and put an end to that nonsense then and there. It never happened again.

That’s not the mentality of most of these citizens of the United States who have turned soft. As Eric Holder once eloquently said, a person I truly detest; America is made-up of nothing but a multitude COWARDS.

Guess what, that hatefilled anti-America bastard was right.

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