Omerta my ass . Jimmy I sang like a drunk Canary …..

What a legacy to leave behind for your kids your grandkids and members of your family.

Top Chicago mob figure James ‘Jimmy I’ Inendino worked as FBI informant

I’ve had a few occasions in my lifet I take the rap for the other boys, but the mitigating factor was I was involved and just as guilty as they were. That being said, I chose to keep my mouth shut.

On the other side of the coin, if I was not involved at all, and they wanted me to take the fall for them, we would have to have a conversation. I think I would be justified in having the guilty parties raise their hands,

For all the badass wanna-be gangsters, the oath of Omerta doesn’t mean shit. Back in the old days mobsters even had of a degree of integrity, the word Omerta or the meaning had some dignity attached.

Code of silence

Wikipedia › wiki › Omertà

Omertà is a Southern Italian code of silence and code of honor and conduct that places importance on silence in the face of questioning by authorities or …

Now for the new boys in town, burning the holy picture and taking the oath is a joke. As soon as the heat gets turned up by the authorities, and someone can cut a better deal for themselves many of the wise guys crack like an overcooked hard-boiled egg. There was someone in honor among thieves, but not anymore.

Let’s put it on the line to see how many people actually agree with me. Who in their right mind would ever take an oath promising to kill their mother, their father, their wife, your kids or anyone else that some wack job directed you to?? They cannot be playing with a full deck. Essentially; this is a big part of the indoctrination into the mafia by being a made man and following orders of the head mafioso without question. Total loyalty without question is total insanity.

Sammy the Bull Gravano killed his brother-in-law because his boss told him to. How about them apples. They probably just had dinner with each other the night before and shared some spaggs and balls.

Jimmy I is just one of the smaller fish in the ocean of thieves that dropped the dime or quarter on his fellow mobsters. Through the years there have been some very significant high-ranking hoodlums that put the oath of omerta to the test and failed miserably.

Inendino is listed in FBI records obtained by the I-Team as Informant Number 6931-C. Documents show his FBI connection dates back in the late 1960s and mid-1970s. This information did not appear to be common knowledge all the way up to Inendino’s death of natural causes at age 80 this past week.

Inendino was rarely pictured in Outfit stories, despite being a rising star and eventually running the powerful Cicero street crew, according to mobologists.

Famous Gangster Informants in US History

  • Joe Valachi. …
  • Joseph “The Animal” Barboza. …
  • Joseph “The Ear” Massino. …
  • Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano. …
  • Abe “Kid Twist” Reles. …
  • Ken “Tokyo Joe” Eto. …
  • Tommaso Buscetta. …
  • Frank Lucas.
  • William Presser
  • Jackie Presser
  • Angelo Lonardo

In all fairness to some of the rats, they may have been forced to fink on their fellow mobsters for some justified reasons. It is not uncommon for one of the hierarchies to order the death of one of their own due to rumors or suspicions that they have become a threat to the organization. The paranoia level in organized crime is very high assuming that someone is always out to get them, making them constantly look over their shoulder. What a way to live.

This one may be an exception to the rule and justify their reason for dropping a dime. From what I understand, a good example is when Sammy the Bull Gravano turned on his boss John Gotti because of the scuttlebutt that Gotti was out to get him. Whether that’s true or not I have no idea. In my opinion, that can be classified as, get them before they get you or save your own ass.

We have to give the devil their due even if we don’t like them. Back in the old days when the mafia and the black hand came into prominence, there was some honor among thieves. Many of the members went to their graves or did time in prison without singing to the authorities. For that reason, right wrong or indifferent, those people had to be respected. What they did was not respectable but their character (very complex) was admirable.

The things that really disturbed me about these old-time associations, for the most part, the people they fucked over in Italy were their own people, shaking them down for protection. If they did not pay protection, they paid another way by having their business destroyed or their families beaten up or even killed. Now if anyone can tell me that is an honorable occupation, they got rocks in their head.

Fast forward many years, the mob, because of their greed got into, what I would call off-limit Territories. Drugs, child pornography, and other very delicate areas if you will, were strictly forbidden since the inception of these criminal organizations by the Mustache Petes.

As time passed and new blood got into the organizations such as Jimmy I, they saw the merit and the big profit of selling drugs and dabbling into other illicit Unacceptable areas.

I really have no problem with prostitution (oldest occupation in the world – with a politician being their pimp), gambling, or a few other non-lethal areas to make a profit, as long as they are not harming anyone but themselves.

How can anyone have the conscience to sell drugs at any level, when they know that this trickle-down affects on their family members, kids, and grandchildren and killing 100’s and 1,000’s of people.

Or for the sick bastards that getting involved in child pornography. How can these people sleep at night? Would they stoop so low as to have a young family member participate in a sick activity like that?? I hate to hear their answer.

I don’t want to get too deep into this subject because it is a very delicate area to be vocal about.

Be that as it may; guys like Jimmy I, when it comes to Omerta are a dime a dozen. Some may have justification for what they do, others are all flash and no cash.

For the most part, the only objection the government takes against some of these criminal activities, the gangsters are not paying taxes on their profit. As we all know, what makes this world go around is dead presidents.

It’s so easy to take the wrong path in life; it takes a person of true character to walk the straight and narrow, and set a good example for the people around them, especially the youngster. All of that Ho-U-doin, hugging, and cheek kissing is nothing but a facade and a big line of horseshit.

Take a good look at your kids or your grandkids before you go down The Dirty road to illegal activities.  If a life like that doesn’t bother a person; then they get what they deserve.

Other than that, OMERITA is absolutely a thing of the past.

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