Good #riddens to a #Stone-cold-faced Larry the #liar

Larry “the liar” Lightfoot torched by critics after Chicago voters kick controversial mayor to the curb

Larry (LLL) had the balls to claim, the crime rate in the Windy City was down under her/his administration.

Larry; put this in your Mary Jane pipe and smoke it.

Downtown shootings continue spike with 64% jump in 2022

suntimes.com › crime › downtown-sho…

May 2, 2022 — Chicago Police Supt. David Brown said the city has “seen some displacement issues. We’re starting to see increases in areas that we normally don …

Murder rate:

With crime up exponentially in Chicago since this ( if I call her a lady she may get pissed, if I call her a man, wellllll) took office, the crime rate has risen like never before and it’s history.

I just saw the news clip no more than 20 minutes ago with Larry (LLL) outrageous claim that ALL crimes were down since she/he took office.

If nothing else, that statement (I wish it was under oath) (not that OATH means shit anymore) absolutely proves what pathological liars these fucking politicians are. 80% of them are all pathetic liars. Possibly 95%. And that is the truth.

The only thing worse than a politician is a lying politician, which encompasses about 80 to 95% of them. They wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit him in the picker or elsewhere. Right Larry???

Second thought, there may be one worse than them; the president’s spokespeople.

GIRL, how big did he say it is????

You might take note that this little cutie Buckwheat is holding a white doll in her hands. That would never fly today. How did the instigators miss this one??

Larry and Buckwheat must have gone to the same finishing school that they never finished. They both lie like a son of a bitch with a straight face and conviction. Speaking of conviction, they should both be brought up on charges for lying to the public.

I certainly hope that the change of events in Chicago is contagious and the rest of the fucked up cities in this country will grab hold to it (Lenny Palumbo saying) and follow suit. This country is in such dire conditions it is going to take a major overhaul to correct everything that’s been destroyed by the far left, politically correct, and progressive idiots #assholes.

The time is now, not tomorrow, not next week, or next month. The hands of the destruction are spinning very rapidly on the clock. Some deliberately proactive tactics must be taken in order to halt that runaway train that has been engineered by Kamikaze Joe and the rest of the bums he has appointed.

Chicago Mayor Says Major Crimes Are Down in City – YouTube

YouTube › watch

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, a Democrat, talks about businesses investing in the city, paying down pension obligations and fighting crime.

YouTube · Bloomberg Television · 1 month ago

Voters across the country; take note of the damage and destruction which has taken place in the last couple years because of some #saboteurs/whack jobs that are not satisfied with the way our democracy runs. It is you and only you that can dictate the course of The United States future. With #Fugazi fools like Larry in office, we can only be going in reverse. They have done irreparable damage to this country and yet the lying #bastards/bitches are such hypocrites that they will not admit their faults. They have a very good teacher by the name of Kamikaze Joe.

I always like to give credit where it’s due. If in fact Kamikazes infrastructure package ever gets into high gear I will give him a check mark, but probably the only one I will give him throughout his administration.

Biden’s Infrastructure Bills: Inside the $3 Trillion Plan

SmartAsset.com › financial-advisor › biden-infra…

Biden’s infrastructure plan will invest roughly $3 trillion on roads, electricity and broadband, as well as Medicare, education and climate change.

I have no idea what Larry’s future has in store, but I hope it is out of the country with a very long assignment schedule.  I really can’t even imagine who would want to hire Larry after the poor performance the soon to be X-Mayoriss of Chicago Exhibited.

At any rate Larrty; bon voyage on a leaky boat. Take these fools with you.

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