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Published February 27, 2023 4:27pm EST

Inspector general #investigating Pete Buttigieg’s #extensive private jet travel after Fox News Digital report

Watchdog director slams Buttigieg for taking government-managed jets ‘even when commercial options were readily available’

The more I read and learn about this 2-bit tin-horn politician the more I dislike the bastard.

The first time I really paid aby attention to him is when he shocked the world stage by not showing up in Palestine OH where they had a catastrophic train derailedment and caused chaos.

Ladies and gentlemen; this is his fucking job to react to and give personal hands-on attention to areas hit by disaster.

The Department of Transportation’s (DOT) internal watchdog is opening an audit into Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg over his extensive use of private jets, the agency confirmed to Fox News Digital on Monday.

The DOT Inspector General investigation comes roughly two months following a Fox News Digital report that showed Buttigieg, who has repeatedly argued in favor of aggressive action to combat climate change, has taken at least 18 flights using taxpayer-funded private jets since taking office in early 2021. Flight records reviewed by Fox News Digital aligned with Buttigieg’s internal calendar obtained at the time by government watchdog group Americans for Public Trust (APT).

Let’s all take a wild guess and ask who appoints the secretary of transportation in the United States. If your answer was Kamikaze Joe you hit the nail right on the head. Let me axe a dumb question. why should the secretary of transportation be any more diligent with his duties than the bum that appointed him??

It is mind-boggling, dumbfounding, inconceivable that there is no accountability in the way our government operates. Starting with the stumblebum Kamikaze Joe, to Car-mella, the token black lady, and all the way down the chain of command. Each one of these individuals danced to their own tune regardless of what type of restrictions or guidelines they break or ignore. 

I think it is easily said, their superior officer K J is probably the worst offender and example of anyone we have ever seen in decades. Kamikaze makes TMC and Hard Dick Bill look like beginners when it comes to Intercoursing the dog or fucking the dog.

Quoting TMC: if there is a way to fuck up Joe Biden will certainly find it.

‘The President Was Not Encouraging’: What Obama … – Politico

https://www.politico.com › magazine › 2020/08/14 › o…

Aug 14, 2020 — The way Joe Biden explained it on the campaign trail in Iowa, he and his friend Barack Obama had long talked of Biden succeeding him in the ...

Now, this is coming directly from the horse’s mouth. Why would any supposed loyal, patriotic American support a bum like Kamikaze when they have such a shallow opinion of him? What does that tell us ladies, and gents??

So what do we have now except another stone-cold bum named  Pete Buttigieg who the president of the country or anyone else has no control over? This is the guy that is supposed to be one of the most powerful people in the world, and constantly has people under his supervision continually telling him to kiss their ass. They come and go as they want, how they want, and when they want. Joe who???

I say there only one way to correct the colossal condition that plagues the United States. It’s politicians. Fire all the son of a bitches and put new people in their positions and start from scratch.  We are never gonna teach all these horses new tricks.

Will someone please tell me why do they even bother investigating this stumbled bum or anyone else in politics or connected, when the investigators are as despicable as the criminal.

Does Hunter the Druggie ring a bell???

Argue with this one.

Talk about something coming back to bite them in the pecker!!!!!

All these investigations amount to is a gigantic waste of taxpayers money trying to make an impression like they are really doing something. Horseshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Through the years our government has spent trillions of dollars investigating their own, all for show and tell, that have absolutely gone nowhere. Who do they think they are bullshitting???

Investigate this fools.

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