YGBSM!!!! Is the town getting too hot for the fools that elected this wackjob???

New Orleans recall organizers say they have the support to oust mayor of this murder capital

A campaign to recall New Orleans’ mayor has gathered enough signatures to move forward, according to organizers

There are many fools out there like La Toya Cantrell that are raping their community deliberately.

Before she got elected she had her game plan all laid out. She did not run office for the betterment of her people, she took that office to fill coffers. She’s no better than the thieves in black lives matter that robbed the shit out of their people. All the people that donated their hard-earned money to those thieves had it stuck right in their keister for Easter. These are deliberate acts and not accidental.

The voters knew what her platform was, knew where she was coming from BUTT elected her anyway. Now that the shit hit the fan and conditions are completely out of control, they want to hang the messenger. She should have never been elected in the first place.

That’s like hiring Jeffrey Dahmer to be your babysitter, only to find out when you came home he ate your kids. You know the son of a bitch was crazy before you hired him. It may be a little bizarre but it gets a point across.

You went shopping for a cheap suit, you bought one, you got what you paid for.

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