#Liar -#bullshitter – #guilty, conscience – mentally #incompetent or all of the above

Biden chides ABC’s David Muir as he’s grilled about classified documents scandal: ‘You’re a good lawyer’

Biden tells ABC there are ‘degrees of irresponsibility’ when asked about his previous knock against Trump

It’s just not really hard to tell if a person’s lying or bullshitting. the first telltale clue in most cases, they will not look you straight in the eyes, they will shout and yell as a means of defense, they refused to answer the question, or pretend they didn’t hear you. Kamikaze Joe is a master at all of them, he has had 57 years of politics to hone his skills, and may I say he’s doing a good job of it. But that is all he’s doing a good job of.

Muir: “Can you assure the American people that none of the documents
discovered in your garage or your old office compromised sources or methods or
U.S. intelligence?” Muir asked. 

“I’ve been advised by the counsel – let the Justice Department
make that decision to not try to alter the case in any way,” Biden
responded. “There have been very few documents that have been confiscated,
found in my possession… meaning in my home, all the stuff that was moved out of
my Senate office over the years, I’m told are a couple of things that were from
1973 or 74, documents were marked classified. I don’t know of anything, maybe,
I don’t know if anything that is marked like it was top secret, highly
classified, etc. But I am told not to comment on that because I don’t even know
what they confiscated.”

In these very short paragraphs above you can see that, Kamakazi has exercised each one of the characteristics that I just noted.

You have give it to him, K J  is a #F-in pro, sticks to his guns, never wavers, and is probably one of the most proficient bullshitters in the business. That is all on top of being a real ladies man,  so he thinks

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden share very awkward hug after Scranton rally |  Daily Mail Online

Wild Bill gave me the green light 

One would think these two clowns would have got it on in the back of the limo to get it on out of public view. Just another example of their big goolunies. Naturally, they denied it, claiming the two people in the picture were body doubles, not the actual characters.


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