Do these ignorant bastards (CITY LEADERS) really know what kind of can of worms they’re opening

Police sources told Fox News Digital that 150 officers have made appointments inquiring about their retirement options

Severely understaffed, defunded Austin PD on verge of retirement wave after city council ‘pulls rug out

The only thing that I can hope for in the way of karma is for these ignorant bastards to have some thug have a shotgun barrel halfway down their throat, then I want to see who they call for help??

That probably is about all that can be said for this outrageous condition that is sweeping the country. I cannot conceive that there are people that naive, stupid, uninformed, top-notch assholes that cannot really see the damage and long-range destruction they are doing to this country.

I am thrilled that I can say I lived in the better times in the history of the USA, 1940’s – 1950’s. It’s disgraceful that the kids coming up today cannot enjoy any of the old-time pleasures and values that my generation did. The only positive is, they will never know the difference.

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