Deep 6 this out-of-control bimbo ….

AOC rebuked for ‘demanding’ Japan ’embrace LGBTQ alphabet wokeness’ during controversial Asia trip

AOC said she was shocked by ‘very discriminatory’ comments that a Japanese government official reportedly made

Unless idiots like OCCASIO are rattling the bush and stirring up the Shit Pot, they are not content with business as usual. When their popularity starts dwindling, they have to open a can of worms somewhere just to stay relevant and keep their name in the news. This broad is an absolute idiot. The people that voted for her are twice as stupid as she is.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is coming under fire after she called out Japan for not being tolerant enough during a congressional trip to Asia. 

Ocasio-Cortez targeted Japan in an almost 40-minute-long Instagram video, during which she said that she was shocked at “very discriminatory” comments from a member of the Japanese government on the LGBT community. 

We have enough problems on our own turf let alone trying to tell another country how to conduct their business. Occasio should take a good look under her own skirt before she starts criticizing everybody else.

To start with, who authorized her to go to Japan, and who’s picking up the tab. Guaranteed it AIN’T her.

The Japanese people and their disciplined way of living far surpass anything that the USA has to show for itself. In general, the USA is just hanging on by a thread in so many sectors and has no room to roll boulders at anyone. The elected officials that represent us are disgraceful.

Political commentator Ian Miles Cheong summed up the congresswoman’s visit in a tweet: “AOC is currently in Japan demanding that their government embrace LGBTQ alphabet wokeness, or else.”

AUSM??? People are entitled to their own opinion and how they feel about the gay and lesbian community. In my HUMBLE opinion, the gay community is pretty well respected in most cases as long as they do not try to jam their twisted ideologies down our throats (no pun intended).

Where does this off-the-wall bimbo get the balls (She should have that checked) to go to a foreign country and try to change their culture that has been in existence for thousands of years??

This just goes to show us the gall these idiots have overstepping their boundaries. The Japanese government should find one of their abandon islands, transport her there in a leaky boat, exile this fool for the rest of her days so she cannot be a pain in the ass to anyone.

Or at the very least, kick the psycho out of the country and burn her passport so she could never return.

It is all in the eyes, all you have to do is look at those agates she has stuck out her head to know that she is a total nut case!!

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