Maybe we can de-woke (Robbie)Kamikaze Joe …..

Biden executive order for ‘woke’ artificial intelligence called ‘social cancer’

‘Biden is not a moderate. This is a legal sprint to inject as much radical ideology as broadly and as deeply as possible in our government,’ one commentator wrote.

President Biden signed an executive order on Thursday that critics warn will allow for the creation of woke artificial intelligence (AI) that “promotes racial division and discrimination.”

The guy is mentally disturbed!!

I wonder if there is a Robbi out there that can be used to replace Kamikazi Joe?? It shouldn’t be too difficult based on K J’s performance.

Robbie Joe does not have to be smart, does not have to be articulate, does not have to be responsible, does not have to be truthful, does not have to be dependable, does not even have to be a good American. That should be relatively easy; Kamikaze Joe fits all those qualifications already.

I will always stand by the fact; I am 100% in favor of advancing mankind. Butttt, when we start tampering with cloning, artificial intelligence, and some of the other far-out experiments these mad scientists are developing, we are only tampering with Mother Nature which will turn out disastrous in the long run.

Car-mella oh Car-mella, where are you, my dear

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