Let the Games begin …….


The solution I have is perfect for the two royal brothers to settle this debacle. It is called the rules of Queesnsbury. This is the way that gentlemen settled their differences back in the old days They were not infantile fools going around calling each other names.

The Queensberry rules differed from the London rules in four major respects: contestants wore padded gloves; a round consisted of three minutes of fighting followed by a minute of rest; wrestling was illegal; and any fighter who went down had to get up unaided within 10 seconds—if a fighter was unable to get up, he was …

I would instruct the Sergeant of Arms to buy a couple pairs of royal boxing gloves, set up a royal ring with royal ropes in front of the royal Buckingham palace or in front of royal Big Ben clock and let the two combatants have at it. May the best man win.

My money will go on William. He’s a lot taller and I think he could beat Harry with his jab. Harry’s mind is over-occupied with M&M’s Booty and can not focus/concentrate properly. If Harry’s head is not on straight, he will take a royal ass whipping.

99 9/10% of the time there is an answer to any problem if someone tries hard enough, wants to find it, and digs deep enough. It is that easy, ??

If the blokes would have taken the time to find a workable solution, they could have eliminated a lot of unnecessary hassle and embarrassment for the family.

I can tell you one thing for sure, M&M is getting quite a bit of satisfaction out of all the turmoil she’s caused. You know like one of those dreams a person has at night when you’re sleeping!!

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