Just another fool that wants to play GOD …..

Potential Biden Title IX plan to allow biological males to compete in women’s sports challenged

This is one line that I will never forget when I watched the movie.

Alec Baldwin in all of his arrogance made this statement that in some instances, I think he really believes it. The arrogance he displays; maybe his true life personality. BANG BANG

Kamikaze Joe and the rest of the wack-jobs he is associated with all play god from time to time, by manipulating and twisting the realities so they reflect their unnatural beliefs.

It is their ultimate objective to twist, turn and destroy the minds of younger kids who do not know what direction to go. They do not want to allow kids to grow up at their own pace and make their own decisions when the time in their life comes.

On top of their agenda, is to keep the kids confused and unsure of themselves so they are more dependent on the government. What other reason besides subliminal brainwashing can there be?? They are playing GOD.

Fools like Kamikaze are trying to reverse nature. Any person with 1/10th of a brain should know that physically a man is clearly a lot stronger than a woman and should not be allowed to participate in ANY sport that is contrary to their natural birth identity.

Kamikaze and the rest of the progressive/left imbeciles have to know down deep in their souls (if they have one) that their positions on this issue are totally out of line.

I’ve said it so many times but it is worth repeating; if there were only Joe and Jake or Jane and Jill on this planet none of us would be here.

Just like cloning animals and tampering with Mother Nature, they will definitely come back to haunt us in a big way.

People that support intersexual sporting activities are mentally disturbed and should not sit in any chair of authority. Putting it in layman’s terms; they are all imbeciles.


What does imbecile mean?


a person who behaves in an extremely stupid way:

Possibly all of the people that support these types of intersexual interactions have a proclivity to be clandestinely around the opposite sex. This issue just masks their degenerate inhibitions in order to carry out their nefarious intentionsWhat do you think Joe??

Sorry lady, I dropped a quarter

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