The aiding and abetting of the parasitical movement ..

My Mammy and Daddy never worked, why should I have to

House and Senate Democrats this week proposed a bill that would instruct the federal government to give anyone born in the U.S. after 2005 a $1,000 “seed savings account,” and then make contributions to that account until they are 18 — a plan that sponsors say is aimed at closing America’s “racial wealth gap.”

I think there is a worthless category of people in this country who hate the four-letter word WORK more than any other four-letter word in the dictionary. That being said; I think their favorite word in the dictionary is entitlement. Where in the name of all that is holy and all that is unholy is it written that people should not be expected to work for a living to support themselves and their families??

The recipients are bad enough, but it is like the idiotic parent that lets their three-year-old kid play in the middle of the street; after the kid gets hit and killed by a car, the parents blame everybody but themselves.

In my opinion, the government is more at fault than the recipients for creating these parasitical monsters that keep sucking the blood out of our country. So what I’m reading tells me that the government gives away $20 billion a year in social programs. I think that is lowballing it.

On top of that crazy number:

How much does the US pay in welfare programs?

What is the spending on Welfare? In FY 2023 total US government spending on welfare — federal, state, and local — is “guesstimated” to be $1,304 billion, including $756 billion for Medicaid, and $549 billion in other welfare. Anddddd, that is still not enough for the bloodsuckers.

I don’t know just how many of these off-the-wall programs the progressive/bleeding heart/idiots are going to get this government into, but everyone that we adapt is another spike in our coffin.

Once more, let me get back to the fisherman and the fishing rod:

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